Space Bieber
June 18, 2013

Space Bieber

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber bought a ticket to get off the planet. The Washington Times reports that Bieber paid $250,000 to reserve a seat on Virgin Galactic’s not-yet-operational SpaceShipTwo. They also reported that his neighbors, unhappy with his excessive parties and constant speeding through the gated community, are happy he is planning to fly away.

SpaceShipTwo, currently in testing stages, will eventually allow private citizens to take suborbital flights to the edge of space. Owners Virgin and Richard Branson expect SpaceShipTwo to begin flights in 2015. So far, 600 people, including Angeline Jolie, Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio, have signed up to play astronaut.

I have to admit, if I had the scratch to sign up, I would be on that spaceship myself. I’ve always dreamed of getting off the planet.

SpaceShipTwo, lifted 50,000 feet by the carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, will carry six passengers at a time as it separates, fires its engines and flies to its maximum height of 60 miles above the Earth. Passengers will have “an out-of-seat zero gravity experience as well as plenty of large windows for the amazing views back to Earth,” said Branson.

Virgin Galactic’s flight plans have been continually delayed, despite the enthusiasm. In 2007, a fatal explosion delayed development of the rocket engine, and the launch date for the first flight has been continually pushed back.

Residents of the exclusive Calabasas neighborhood where Bieber lives can’t wait for the launch date, however. Some are refusing to pay their very high homeowners fees until Bieber starts to abide by the rules of the community.

After reading about his bad behavior (spitting on his neighbors, having loud parties, and driving his white Ferrari way above the speed limit in areas with kids) and listening to his really trite music, I can’t say I blame them for cheering.

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