November 16, 2012

Space: The Ideal Bachelor Pad?

Be Honest: Most of you don’t fit the description of ‘Bachelor’

It’s okay. That doesn’t stop us from dreaming of the ideal hangout spot for our next spectacular viewing of this beautiful planet. Speaking of spectacle, has anyone actually seen the stars in the countryside at night?

It’s far beyond what you would interpret as beautiful. Space has a way of making even the most athletic marathon man feel abysmal. What is it about the stars beyond our horizon that sparks such an intrigue? Scientists claim that we’ve only discovered less than 2% of our universe-going even farther by asserting that its size is so large that humans more than likely won’t be around to see its vastness explored.

Such a sad thought: How are we going to deliver the message that the bird is indeed the word to the farthest reaches of space?

Amongst our wildest dreams and imaginings, orbital homes have been a hot topic in the science world for quite a spell now. Imagine: 10,000 feet above the Earth’s atmosphere-viewing a front row seat to the greatest sunrise and sunsets that humans can imagine. Sunny side eggs with maple syrup pancakes for breakfast, and porterhouse steaks smothered in deliciously creamy gravy for dinner. Living out your days with no arguments, no war, no disease or famine and daily reruns of Adult Swim.

Sounds lonely to me.

Call me crazy: I already have, but I find that the most wonderful of my imaginings of outer space are the thoughts of relief I have when I realize that I don’t have to worry about what’s beyond the horizon.

Normality is my drug, and as long as that drug is supplied in steady doses with a tall glass of Orange Juice, I have no problem with viewing the spectacle of the night sky from my porch. As a child, some of us naturally feel that tendency to want to reach out to the stars and feel. It would be that same feeling that drives us to pursue such childish and outlandish ideas.

Imagination and child theory aside, we must also consider how drastically different it is to live in space: there is no gravity, so organs and blood flow are constantly losing strength. The solution? We must exercise these muscles everyday. I get a kick out of walking down stairs to get cookies and milk.

But why speak for everyone?

Regardless of your preference, or how convincing your reason must be for keeping your feet planted on the soil or on a nice solid piece of cold steel-looking out upon the horizon of this planet is a joy that we all shouldn’t take for granted one bit.

What kind of bachelor are you? Does the countryside in the mountains of Colorado entice your curiosity? Or are you happier looking upon the shores of California-sighting the next wave to sustain a major injury from?

Let us know in the comments, folks. And may the stars (and Force) be with you!!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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