January 31, 2013

Spartacus Season 3 Is Finally Here!!!

Producers of Spartacus: War of the Damned have confirmed this will be the last season of Spartacus to air on the Starz network. Whether or not this entire series has been a cheap cash-in for the original creators of the show remains to be seen, but so far, I’ve had a complete blast watching this show.

Spartacus has a reputation of showing a lot of sex, blood (a whole lot of it), and endless depictions of death. I had heard about its potential to reel in audiences, but me being naturally pessimistic, I put it off as another pathetic depiction of sexy, iconic figures of a glorious time in human history. My using the term ‘glorious’ to describe a generation of different groups of people being used for slavery is just sick, but I prefer to think of it as a highlight of the life of Spartacus.

After all, the show is called Spartacus, right?

For those of you who don’t know, Spartacus was a Roman slave turned gladiator that came to serious prominence during that era by leading the Third Servile War. This event, being over two thousand years ago, means there is no account of his entire life. For this, the story of Spartacus is shrouded in mystery and legend.

So the producers of Spartacus took it upon themselves to create a show that depicted the final years of his prominence, highlighting his time as a slave under the house of Lendulus Batiatus. These highlights include a beautifully told collection of plots and story elements that lead to Spartacus’ rebellion from the House of Batiatus, and the rebels’ rise to prominence and glory in fighting back against the Roman Empire.

Particularly, what people find so appealing about Spartacus are the gripping visuals, the believable world that is complete with Roman Era architecture, and the amazing characters. What you’ll find strange is the characters speaking in a dialect that is half modern-day English and half Roman dialect and syntax. It’s confusing to follow at first, but becomes rhythmic for anyone who becomes a fan. The world these people have created is quite believable, and will only leave you wanting more.

Speaking on the atmosphere of Rome in that era, the arena gladiators are what will truly make you feel the power of each fighter. When taken as a slave, the individual houses take to training the strongest of soldiers to pit them against others at the Arena. This is nothing more than a gambling scenario, and is the basic aspect of what Spartacus is.

The training of these gladiators makes them formidable enough to fight even the Olympians, their strength and tactics making them the best fighters in all of Rome. One gladiator equals the strength and cunning of three Roman guards, and an army of gladiators can be the deadliest force that Rome has ever seen. Hence, we get to see Spartacus leading Rome’s greatest fighters in a slave uprising.

Those that know the history of Spartacus know he died in combat when his army was completely routed at the battle of Sernechia, where he was forced to make a last stand. Officially, or rather unofficially, Spartacus was defeated but his body was never found.

I’d imagine the producers intend to make a twist on his death at the end of this season. Either way, I’m excited to see how this will all end. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the final season of Spartacus!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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