Sperm Smuggling In Israeli Prisons
March 14, 2013

Sperm Smuggling In Israeli Prisons

If your husband was serving 27 life sentences and you planned on sticking by him, how would you conceive without conjugal visits? Sperm smuggling, that’s how.

When Palestinian men are arrested and sentenced to do hard time in Israeli prisons, their wives stick by them no matter what. It’s a cultural difference from those of us in the West, but Palestinian (and most other) culture requires the utmost faith from its women. The women usually agree because of the male dominated society they’ve been taught will shun them if they decide to do otherwise.

This puts the wives in quite a predicament when their husbands are sentenced to 27 life sentences and aren’t allowed conjugal visits.

They face the cold hard realization that they may never have kids again. Unless they decide to stray from their husbands, in which case they’ll surely be disowned by their communities, but thankfully there’s another solution; sperm smuggling.

CNN reported several cases of this occurring in Israeli prisons last month.

“Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are not allowed conjugal visits, but some Israeli prisoners are. The man convicted of assassinating Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzah Rabin was allowed conjugal visits. Al-Ziben (a Palestinian widow of sorts) says she got pregnant by her husband because he managed to have his sperm smuggled out of a high security prison.”

There are several women claiming that they conceived through sperm smuggling made possible by Israeli prisoners.

“Israeli prison officials say they doubt the validity of the women’s story. A spokesperson for the Israeli Prison Authority told us officials very much doubt the technical ability for sperm donation because of the strict controls and security inside the prisons. They said it was hard to fathom, but “who knows?”

Contrarily, according to U.S. fertility specialists, it is definitely possible for sperm to survive for up to 48 hours in clean unconventional containers if stored at room temperature.

The looming question is, is this acceptable?

One half may say it surely is. In an eastern culture where the women are expected to remain faithful regardless of circumstance, they’re the ones who are truly being punished for the deeds of their incarcerated husbands. Most are illiterate, and many wouldn’t be able to find jobs to support their children, so what’s the alternative.

Those on the other side of the fence would argue; of course, it’s not acceptable! They have to reap the seeds they’ve sown, and if that means that their families on the other side of the prison’s walls have to suffer, then so be it.

Regardless of our opinions, it’s happening and it’ll surely continue. As long as we’re unsure of the details, prison guards will be defenseless to prevent it.

Interestingly, “She and the other women will tell you all about their babies, but not a word about how exactly their husband’s semen was smuggled out of a high security Israeli prison leaving enough time for the semen to still be considered viable.”

Until one of the sperm smugglers divulges some info on the practice, the world may never know.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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