So, why not make a Death Star piñata?
May 1, 2013

Star Wars: Death Star Piñata

In celebration of “May the Fourth be with You,” redOrbit is hosting a series of Star Wars-inspired blogs.

Okay, all of you serious sci/fi fans out there know what May 4th is; the day we celebrate the release of the original Star Wars film. While the actual premiere date was May 25, 1977, that doesn’t sound as catchy as “May the Fourth be With You,” now does it?

In my family, we have many, many science fiction fans. We also have many, many kids. In all, I have 7 nieces, 4 nephews, 2 great-nephews and 1 great-niece. While I’ve never been able to have all of them together at the same time, whenever we do gather, there are A LOT of kids there. And a lot of adults. The kids range in age from 30 years old to 1 month. Yeah, we cover every age group.

Here in Texas we not only love Star Wars, but we also love to celebrate Cinco do Mayo. May 5th is Mexican Independence Day, so that means Mexican inspired fun! I was trying to come up with a way to combine them and ran across some food and crafts for the kids that I thought everyone could enjoy.

Everyone who has ever seen Star Wars knows what the Death Star is. Built by Darth Vader and the Emperor, it was a military installation the size of a small planet, which is pretty darn big. Now, does everyone know what a piñata is? A piñata a figure of some kind, usually made of papier-mâché that is filled with candy and toys. A stick is used by a blindfolded child to break it open and spill out all the goodies. Piñatas are used to celebrate holidays, usually Christmas and birthdays, but they can be used for anything. So, why not make a Death Star piñata? You heard me right; a Death Star piñata. I ran across this while surfing the net and thought it would be just perfect for the kids for this weekend!

They can make it while the adults visit, then have a blast breaking it open after a Star Wars inspired Mexican dinner (more about that later).

The above site has instructions for making a Death Star piñata, but it is very easy to make any kind of piñata. The easiest was to make one is to blow up a big, round balloon. Tie a string to the balloon (you’ll need this when you are done). Cut or tear a newspaper into strips. Mix water and flour to make a thin paste. Dip the newspaper strips into the four and water mixture and then place it on the balloon. Do this until the balloon is covered. Hang the balloon by the string and allow to it dry. It takes several hours, but 24 hours or overnight is best. It you want to make it colorful, use colored tissue paper or construction paper to decorate it, then allow to dry again. Once dry, pop the balloon. Cut a small opening (like a capital C) and fill with goodies for kids. Hang from a tree and let them go for it! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but making one that looks like a Death Star will thrill Star Wars fan, young and old alike!

Looking for more easy crafts for the kids, I ran across a popsicle stick Ewok. A super simple craft, so even the youngest kids can make them.

There are tons more easy Star Wars themed crafts out there, just do a search. You can find plenty of ways for you and your family the celebrate one of the best movies ever made. May the Fourth Be With You!

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