Star Wars Rebels Announced
July 6, 2013

Star Wars Rebels Announced

Star Wars is back to reclaim your television set yet again with the arrival of a brand new show! The only catch is that I have some bad news along with the good. The good news is that the show is set in the 20 years between Episode III and Episode IV. The bad news is that it’s not that badass live action Star Wars TV show that has been rumored to be in production since a thousand years ago.

Sure it’s animated, but it is still interesting nonetheless.

As far as who’s behind the scenes on this new project, they do have some fresh faces along with some Clone Wars veterans stepping back into the mix from the cancelled Cartoon Network show. Speaking of veterans, the supervising director from the Clone Wars series takes stab at the executive producer role while industry vet Simon Kinberg (screenwriter/producer of Mr. &Mrs. Smith, Sherlock Holmes and X-Men: First Class) will write the first episode (which is an hour long special) and also serve as a producer on the project as well.

As far as exact characters and plot points… it is a little silent on the end of the spectrum, but the press releases have said that the show is set around a time when “The Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledging rebellion against the empire is taking shape.” Sounds cool enough I guess.

With the arrival of a new trilogy of Star Wars on the horizon, this show could be the platform to jumpstart the already frantic hype-train that is Episode VII (yeah sure, the timelines might be a ways apart, but these guys are writers. I’m sure they can connect this somehow).

I must admit it is good to see Star Wars return to the “original” era that many fell in love with before being disgusted with the prequels because it gives a sense of something new, but on the face of familiar territory. Since this show will be “preceding” Episode IV (as stated in the promo video below) I am estactic to finally see all the events and characters that I was too lazy to read about in the books, play in the games or argue out with basement Star Wars junkies on the internet.

The look and feel of the show should be something fans should be excited for because the big wigs involved with the production of the show have already stated that they are trying to go for the old school retro Star Wars feeling. As for the style of the show, they have pointed out that they want to take all of those promo posters and concept art pieces that were all over your room and bed sheet when you were a kid and bring them to life.

Maybe the Clone Wars/Prequel Sagas got a little played out over the past decade and a half, but after the whole Disney merger it seems as though Lucasfilm has started on a new chapter and is finally taking steps forward in terms of both a company and storylines.

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