Stay On Target And Blast Away Zombies
October 25, 2013

Stay On Target And Blast Away Zombies

The zombie apocalypse craze has gotten, well, a little crazy. Thanks to the hit TV series The Walking Dead, not to mention all the other movie and TV franchises, plus the video games, there is something that just seems so compelling about the idea of a pandemic outbreak that brings the dead not so much back to life but to the state of undead.

Now I’ve argued with people that there would be nothing fun about running for your life, having to shoot loved ones who became infected and living off the scrapes of civilization. Maybe the idea of setting up shop in a shopping mall like the films Dawn of Dead (the original was far superior and was much a statement of our consumerist society) sounds great. Sure you can have the run of the place, but keep in mind you can’t exactly leave! Going to the mall as a teen might be fun, but never being able to get out of the place is surely a living hell.

Don’t get me started on health care in the zombie apocalypse. The end of the world is fun until you need a root canal or simply sprain an ankle. Then you probably would wish you’d get bitten just so the pain would stop!

And yet there are those who actually embrace the idea so much they buy the survival gear. And yes, there is a cottage industry of survival gear, such as a shovel or knife or knife and shovel combo. There are even websites that will help you build the perfect zombie survival kit.

Of course, if you plan on battling zombies or just want something different to shoot at when going to the rifle range (and if you’re planning for the zombie apocalypse you better be going to the range early and often), Champion Targets has you covered.

The company claims you can “Practice your Zombie-stopping skills with this new line-up of fun and engaging reactive targets. Using vivid, movie-quality, digital imagery, no other Zombie targets on the market are quite like them.”

Wait, did they really say, “no other zombie targets?” Yes they did. As noted, there is a cottage industry for all things zombie. While I personally like the Champion Designs, and noted they even have a line of cartoony zombies with clowns and turkeys, Zombie Industries has upped the game with a line of “Bleeding Zombie Targets.”

While Zombie Industries produces flat 2D paper targets for those who take shooting zombies seriously (and who shouldn’t), there are those bleeding targets that are fully 3D sculps. At just under $90 a pop, this could make for an expensive day at the range, but then again, consider the cost of ammunition these days. What is amusing about these is there are generic zombies like “Chris” and “Al,” but also an “Attorney Zombie” and a “Terrorist Zombie.”

These targets even have back stories, and my favorite is the Attorney: “Oh the irony of this story… As a pro gun control lobbyist & Attorney, this guy spent his days milling around Washington D.C. distorting the truth about guns & violent crimes.”

So yes, there is fun in shooting zombies, even if it is an expensive pastime. Of course, if you are in California, you can’t use that old lead ammo for hunting, so why not shoot up some target zombies this Halloween season.

Image Credit: Thinktock

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