February 6, 2013

Stepping Out Of The Darkness (Part 2)

Continuing from my last post, once you ask for help dealing with these mental illnesses, things start to get easier.

Sometimes we take too long realizing we need help. We are either thinking that we can handle it all by ourselves, or that some people will think badly of us. But you must know that it is not a bad thing to ask for help. We have to do that, we cannot do this on our own; the struggle is too big for you alone.

Please do not be scared to ask for help. Hopefully you read my first blog about how it can seem scary to ask for help and that you are not alone. There are professionals out there that can help you; your family doctor, a counselor, psychiatrists, and therapists.

These professionals can teach you coping methods that work for you. You can draw how you are feeling, go for a run, or even do some breathing techniques. They can help you figure out why you feel this way, how to voice it, and how let it go. Maybe its medications you need. But you have to be honest with the professionals and yourself or it will be harder for them to help you help yourself.

Ask for help before it is too late. Learn from my mistake. I waited too long to tell somebody to get me out of school. I wanted to think I could do it on my own. Yeah, so I went to a counselor and a psychiatrist; but it wasn’t enough. I was too far gone in the dark and was scared to tell many people about how I was basically lying in a ditch just waiting for life to end.

Everyone has their story of how they developed their illness. Maybe you have been raped, bullied by your classmates or coworkers, or you have this perfect image of a body. Along with this comes how you have been treating yourself. Self-Harm eating disorders, depression, and or suicide; I want you to know there are better ways to handle this.

My counselor gave me a chart to help.  Make to 3 columns and 11 rows. On the top row put “Emotional Rating” and underneath in each box put 1(best)-10(worst). Next, in the 3rd column put “What depression is like for you?” or whatever word feels best for you on the line. Underneath that I would like you to beside each number put how you feel at the number or stage. For example, 1 is best so you could put happy. Last step; in the last top row put “What you will do to feel better and keep yourself safe.” Here you will put some coping methods down for each stage.

Now you do not have to do this but I liked how it worked for me.  Give it a try and see if you like it. If not that is fine.

Please do not wait till it is too late. Tell somebody about it. Please put the blade down, burn that magazine of the photo shopped girl, and put the pen and paper away. We can do this together. It will take time, just hang in there.

Stay Strong <3

Image Credit: Photos.com

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