January 1, 2013

Still No Apple Love In The Gates Home

It’s no secret that Bill Gates, Mr. Microsoft himself, has placed a personal ban on all Apple products in his household. The story is as old as time, so long as time only dates back about 10 years or so. Late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs and Gates have both admitted to never having any animosity towards one another, yet Gates has still found it only appropriate to keep iPhones, iPods, and, one can only assume, any other Apple product out of his children’s and wife’s hands.

Gates may be fighting a lonely battle, outfit with other Android and Windows purists who have decided to turn their noses up to Apple on principle alone.

This isn’t to say these principles in and of themselves are somehow invalid. There are those who want tinker with their devices, to dig down deep inside, over-clock the hell out of them and push them to the extreme. They want to customize the home screen, to rig it up so when the phone is facing downwards, all incoming call go directly to voicemail or another line. These are just some of the very cool things you can do with other devices, but these nerdy little tricks come at a price: Namely, security and stability.

And Gates is only looking out for his company’s best interest. After all, how would it look if even Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, carried an iPhone? At some point, you have to trust your product and support it in any way you can. Gates isn’t alone in this…even members of Apple’s top brass (Sir Ive, Phil Schiller, et al) show up to Apple stores on launch days to be one of the first to buy the newest iPad or iPhone.

Yet, it’s not publicly known if Ive’s wife is allowed to buy her own Windows 8 phone or Nexus 7 tablet.

Gates’ wife, on the other hand, has at least twice now made it clear that neither her nor her children are permitted to use any product bearing a glistening Apple logo.

“There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids,” explained Melinda Gates in a 2009 interview with Vogue magazine.

At the time, the iPhone was still in its relative infancy, only 2 years old. iPods were still a popular item, but were beginning to see a downturn as many would-be pod buyers began to ask themselves “Why would I buy this when I can just get an iPhone which does so much more?”

Though the Zune didn’t “officially” die until 2011, it can be argued that it never lived…at least, it never lived to do what it set out to do, which is “kill” the iPod.

There also existed Windows-equipped smartphones in 2009, but they were definitely behind the curve at this point, still reminiscent of the Windows of Old in many ways.

This whole “Gates Bans iPhones” scandal has risen once more as Melinda Gates recently gave an interview with the BBC wherein she was asked about a now year-old picture of her 16-year old Daughter carrying what could have been an iPhone.

“…of course they ask,” explained Mrs. Gates when asked if her children are now permitted to carry Apple devices.

“But they get Windows technology.”

For the past 3 years, stories have been written about those youngsters who are upset that they didn’t receive what they really wanted for Christmas: The latest iPad or iPhone.

Given the Great Gates’ Ban on Apple, one has to wonder if his children are also restricted from taking to Twitter to lament about how “lame” their parents are for not getting them “What they really wanted.”

I suppose all we can do is speculate about how this multi-billionaire’s family lives.

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