Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Conscious Box
May 19, 2014

Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Conscious Box

In my search to bring attention to products that would interest you, Dear Reader, I ran across Conscious Box. Conscious Box is another monthly subscription box that promises healthier living made easy.

If you are concerned with what you put in your body, use in your home, or how the products you use affect the planet, then Conscious Box is the place to start.

The folks at Conscious Box put together a curated box full of samples of healthy, natural, non-GMO products every month. They do the label reading for you, searching through hundreds of products, ranging from health and beauty to food and cleaning products, to find high quality, all natural ingredients. They try to include many sustainable and fair trade products as well.

Image Credit: April Flowers

Image Credit: April Flowers

I was curious about the products they would find and include, and I’m always trying to find a little more I can do to make myself and the planet healthier. Conscious Box comes in two sizes and three varieties.

The Taster size box starts at $6.95 a month and has 5-8 items a month. The Plus box starts at $16.95 a month and contains 8-12 items with more full-sized and premium products. Both Taster and Plus can be had in Classic, Vegan and Gluten-Free varieties.

You can try a one-time shipment, or sign up for recurring shipments for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can even send the box to someone else as a present. The Box bills around the first of the month and is shipped around the 15th.

The Classic Plus Box I received was chock full of goodies in a cleanly designed, 100 percent recycled cardboard box.

Image Credit: April Flowers

Image Credit: April Flowers


  • Mediterranean Sea Salt Pasta Chips from Vintage Italia (Delicious!)
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte from Teas’Tea
  • Plum Kids Organic Fruit and Veggie Shreds snacks

Health Care

  • 100% Allicin tablets from Allimax (active ingredient in garlic)
  • Slice of Life Gummy Multi+ Vitamins for Adults
  • PurAbsorb 100% liquid iron supplement by Spatone
  • Rescue Pearls stress relief by Bach
  • Tropical Mango Omega Boost liquid

Bath & Beauty

  • Weleda Oat replenishing shampoo and conditioner
  • Crystal Body Deodorant
  • Dry Skin Lotion by Natralia

Home & Garden

  • Ecover automatic dishwasher tablets

The box also included coupons for almost all the products to create an incentive to try them on a larger scale. The folks at Conscious Box offer most of the products in their boxes for sale on the website at a rather significant discount.

All in all, I was very pleased with the contents of the Conscious Box and think you would be, too.

Featured Image Credit: April Flowers

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