Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Loot Crate
April 13, 2014

Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Loot Crate

Subscription boxes are all the rage on the Internet right now. You can get a monthly box sent to you for nearly everything. I’ve seen them for biking gear, children’s toys, gourmet food, and even a clothing rental “box.”

There are several websites dedicated to just listing all the boxes they have found so far. So how do you choose between them? Let me help you with that. I’ve contacted subscription box sellers that I think would interest you, Dear Reader, and as they come in, I’ll share my thoughts and pictures with you.

My first box arrived today from Loot Crate. They bill themselves as “a monthly gear and swag club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle.”  The customers are called Looters, and it is Loot Crate’s mission to connect the Looters with the “best and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies.”

Do they deliver?

Image Credit: April Flowers

Image Credit: April Flowers

Based on the crate I just unboxed, I say a resounding YES!

Each of the 6-8 items included in the distinctive black and orange box are based around a theme each month. For the month of March, the theme was Titanfall, the new blockbuster from Respawn Entertainment and EA. (Next month is DRAGONS! Squeeee!)

As I opened my Loot Crate, I was greeted by a beautiful, full color, glossy paper newsletter. In it, I read reviews of the game, interviews with people from Respawn, game tips, a review of the manga that started it all, and a look at all the items in your crate. And if that weren’t enough, they give you a look at this month’s “Mega Crate.” For the same price everyone pays, one lucky winner a month gets a Mega Crate filled with items worth over $700—all on the same theme.

Image Credit: April Flowers

Image Credit: April Flowers

Among the smaller items in my crate were a very nice, slick lanyard designed by Loot Crate Labs to reflect graphics in the game, an Attack on Titanfall magnet with the cover art of the newsletter on it, a code for a Premium Strategy eGuide ($9.99 value) and a Scouting Regiment wristband. Everything is of very high quality, with bright, crisp graphics.

The two larger items in the box were even better. Loot Crate included a copy of Attack on Titan Manga: 1 from Kodansha USA Publishing and Random House. This is the book that started both the Japanese anime series and the game.

The last item was a Titanfall t-shirt. Loot Crate carries t-shirts up to a size 3X, which worried me a bit, because I generally order a bit bigger (yeah, so, I’m a big girl!)  To my surprise, this t-shirt was generously sized and fits perfectly. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this. The graphic is one of a kind, an exclusive that cannot be found anywhere else. Respawn and EA created this design based on one that was only offered to the development team, and only gave it to Loot Crate. And let me tell you, it is sweet!

Loot Crate isn’t an expensive subscription box. You can join with one, three, or six months billing plans—but the base price is $13.37/mo + $6 shipping and handling, for a total price of $19.37. They promise that every box will have at least a $40 value, so you are getting your swag at half price, with exclusive items…and the chance to win that one big box a month.

Featured Image Credit: April Flowers

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