Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Nerd Block
June 11, 2014

Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Nerd Block

In my ongoing search to find products that our readers can relate to and would be interested in, I have discovered Nerd Block.

Before I tell you about the Nerd Block box that I received, I need to apologize to you and the Nerd Block folks. I received their shipment about two weeks ago, and promptly came down with the flu, so this review has been delayed.

So, on to the review.

Nerd Block comes in a distinctive blue and white box, which the website touts as “ComicCon in a box, plus a shirt.” The shirt is from their sister site, Shirtpunch, and is very well made with heavy cotton and good quality graphics.

Each classic Nerd Block comes with the shirt and four to six toys and collectibles from brands like Star Wars, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Marvel. New this month is a glossy card showing all the items in your box. I know it is new because my boyfriend has been getting Nerd Block for a few months and I’ve never seen one before.

Image Credit: April Flowers

Image Credit: April Flowers

The Block I received had a good variety of such items. The shirt is in my size, and is a design that mixes Game of Thrones with Star Wars with a silhouette of Boba Fett that looks like the Stark House direwolf and the words “Fett is Coming.” Along the same lines, I also received a Star Wars papercraft playset from Funko, and a Star Wars mini plushy (I got an EWOK!!!). The final three items didn’t fit the theme, but they are pretty cool as well. First is the Super Mario Brothers Dangler (mine is Mario riding Yoshi), a Stick-It pad to stick electronic items to the dashboard, and best of all, a comic book. Not just any comic book, though. This is The Amazing Spider Man #1… the reboot we have all been waiting for. Better than just a number one comic, this one has a variant cover created explicitly for Nerd Block and Fan Expo.

Nerd Block comes in four varieties: Classic, Jr. for Boys, Jr. for Girls and Horror Block. Classic and Horror are 19.99 a month + shipping, while the Jr. blocks (appropriate for ages 6-11) are 13.99 plus shipping. If you need a shirt bigger than a 1x, there is an upcharge for the bigger sizes, but it isn’t much.

Nerd Block encourages you to take pictures of your unboxing, film a video and put it on YouTube, or send a Tweet. Either way, tag Nerd Block and your picture or video might just find its way onto their site.

Nerd Block ships around the 15th of the month for all varieties except the Horror Block. June is the first month for Horror Block and it will ship around the 25th. You will be automatically billed once a month until you cancel the membership. You should hurry, though. To keep their quality up, and shipping costs low, Nerd Block only accepts a set number of new subscriptions each month.

Featured Image Credit: April Flowers

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