December 10, 2012

Sun Glitters Interview

You may not know much about Sun Glitters. Few do. The Luxembourg-based electronic producer is about as independent as they come. But Sun Glitters, also known as Victor Ferreira, is also an extremely talented musician. And he’s also an exceptionally nice guy – his penchant for the smiley face is unrivaled. Best of all, he was nice enough that he was willing to answer a few questions.

My previous piece about Ferriera sparked our conversation, so be sure to read that first, if you haven’t already.

So without further delay, here is my interview with Victor ‘Sun Glitters’ Ferreira!

Hey Victor! Thanks for answering our questions :)
Not a problem! I’m happy to talk :)

What’s your name?
Victor Ferreira

Where are you from?

How long have you been working in music?
I’m working on music approximately now for 16 years.

What are your favorite kinds of music?
I can like everything if the melody touches me! But my favorite genres are indie rock, shoegazing, dreampop and electronic projects like Boards Of Canada, Third Eye Foundation, etcetera.

Favorite bands?
My Bloody Valentine and The Cure.

What are you listening to these days?
Lots of different things…too many to name. But they all end up in my mixtapes that I produce from time to time!

[A link to those mixtapes can be found at the bottom of the interview]

How did you get your start?
I start playing bass guitar in rock bands and then I got my groovebox. Then I started to become interested in electronic music when I discovered things like Massive Attack and Portishead. Then came interest in groups like Boards Of Canada and Third Eye Foundation.

If you can, go into a little bit of detail about how you perform your music?
I’m performing live with a laptop running Ableton LIve controlling everything with an APC 20 and a UC-16 controller. It’s just me playing around with samples and sequences and treating them with different kind of effects.

It’s sort of like remixing my own tracks live.

I’m also recording videos with my iPhone with a nice, simple app called JVJ.

This is a question for the nerds (like myself). What kind of equipment and/or programs do you use when producing or performing your music?
So I’m producing and performing on an Apple laptop with Ableton Live and for producing I’m also using Reaktor, especially for playing all my melodies.

I’m also using my iPhone for my soundfield recordings.

That’s all!

Where can your fans find you if they want to get in touch?
The best thing is via my website where you can get all my different links:

Why do you do what you do? Why do you make music?
It’s just because I love it! I need music in my live! Simple as that!

Why do you play this specific genre? Do you have a history with any other style of music?
I didn’t really decide what kind of music I played or produced. It’s only what came out when I started creating sound. Maybe it was my influences that made my music sound like that.

Since I started playing and producing music, I created music in a lot of different genres but I think that was like me finding my way and discovering what I am today.

How do you feel your career has been going up to this point?
I always believed in what I was doing and I still do. And that’s an important point when you make music in my point of view. And then if you are patient, then something can happen!

What do you think is the next step in your career?
My next step is finishing and releasing my new album, and signing it to the right label.

Then hopefully I will continue to play live for all my lovely fans and continue to have great times while I’m traveling around the world!

Are you on tour?
Not now, but hopefully next year! There are still lots of places I would love to go and play.

When are you coming to visit America and play some shows?
I hope next year! There are lots of fans who are waiting for me to come and visit. I can’t wait either. And I’m really sorry to all my fans that this didn’t happen earlier!

Thank you so much for the interview, Victor. Good luck with everything you do!
Thank you!
-Victor Ferreira // Sun Glitters

If you’d like to get in touch with or follow Victor on his travels, you can find him at these links:

Image Credit: Sun Glitters

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