Sun Signs: Capricorn
July 12, 2014

Sun Signs: Capricorn

The tenth sign of the zodiac is Capricorn, otherwise symbolized by the goat. As Linda Goodman’s blog identifies, a Capricorn is anyone born from December 22 through to January 20. On the whole, the Capricorn is one who is not afraid to work whether that means a full day at the office, working on DIY projects, or just working to the top. Yes, the Capricorn is ambitious and determined because, as puts it, “life is one big project for these folks, and they adapt to this by adopting a businesslike approach to most everything they do.”

With that determination, ambition, and business-like approach comes the practical. A Capricorn is most definitely as practical and pragmatic as they can be. In fact, they are often accused of being stubborn because of the combination of determination and pragmatism. But with their ambitions to succeed, they need these characteristics. It definitely makes sense that the Capricorn is symbolized by the goat since the goat likes to climb to the top of the mountain. Like the goat, the Capricorn climbs to the top of his or her ambitions.

The Quality associated with a Capricorn is Cardinal, and what a perfect quality for a Capricorn. As I wrote in an earlier Sun Signs blog, “Those with Cardinal Qualities initiate activity and change. They get the ball rolling, so to speak. Their ambition moves activity but does not always reach finality. At times, though, this manifests itself in a bit of self-centered focus.” Clearly, for a Capricorn, the Cardinal Quality is necessary to help them with their ambitions to climb to the top. And even though the Capricorn focuses on the top, they are focused on the tangible, which correlates directly to their Element of Earth. As notes about their Earth Element, “The element associated with Capricorn is Earth. No big surprise there! Caps are down-to-earth in the sense that they’re not interested in wild ideas or round-the-world dreams. They would much rather stay put and get to work. Remember, these are the businesspeople of the zodiac, so in their sensible and economical way, they’ll get up every morning and see to it that their job is done to the highest degree of quality possible.”

Obviously, a Capricorn is seen as constantly on-the-go because they work, work, work no matter whether they are at their job or at an activity, but they do rest in their own way. notes that the Capricorn’s sense of rest is to enjoy a leisurely sport like golf.

And when it comes to love, the Capricorn devotes him or herself to their lover although they may not always emote that love obviously. However, like in work, the Capricorn will strive to be the best partner he or she can. The Capricorn is determined in love just like in work.

The Goat may be stubborn and ever focused on reaching the top, but they are also responsible. They want to be the best they can, and they will do that by being fair, determined yet ambitious, and practical. The Capricorn is one who will do what is necessary and right. They are stable, for the most part, which is what helps them to reach their goals, and reaching their goals drives Capricorns in all they do.

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