Sun Signs: Gemini
May 17, 2014

Sun Signs: Gemini

The third zodiac sign in the cycle is the Gemini. Gemini is the Twin, and duality is part of their lives and personalities. A Gemini is one who is born from May 22 through to June 21 as the Linda Goodman blog identifies. And the fact that the sign of the Gemini is the Twin should lead readers to understand that the Gemini is one who seemingly has two sides. The Twin also indicates that the Gemini can handle variety. explains the Gemini: “Since Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, they are represented perfectly by the Twins. The Gemini-born can easily see both sides of an issue, a wonderfully practical quality. Less practical is the fact that you’re not sure which Twin will show up half the time. Geminis may not know who’s showing up either, which can prompt others to consider them fickle and restless.”

In addition the Gemini is an Air element, and as I wrote about the Air signs, they focus on the abstract, analysis, synthesis, and communication. They love, love, love to talk, and they love to talk about intellectual topics. However, they are not just talkers but also good listeners, once they stop talking, of course. states that the Air signs are the thinking person’s sign, and the Gemini is definitely a thinker. They will seek out intellectual discussion and stimulation.

And they usually know just how they feel about a particular idea or issue, well at least in that moment. This is because the Gemini is also a Mutable Quality, the go-with-the-flow Quality. They are flexible, which shows through their interest in conversation and ability to change based on the conversation.

Now, all this Air and Mutable explanation does not mean that the Gemini is just a flexible, cool-headed person. Oh no, not at all. The Gemini is the Twin, and sometimes the opposite shows. Plus, the Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so they have the “mercurial” tendencies to strong emotions – happy, sad, angry, frustrated. Whatever the emotion, the Gemini thinks about it. And the Twins can sometimes come across as fickle because of their duality.

I have many Gemini in my life. I can attest to these characteristics. The Gemini I know are logical, clear-thinking, gregarious, and focused on the intellectual. They are also mercurial in their emotions. When their emotions run very high, it is best to leave them to their own thoughts and considerations. It matters not if those emotions are positive or negative. When Mercury rules, they can switch from happy to angry in seconds.

The good news for me is that the Twins are clearly delineated. I know when my Gemini are happy, positive, and fun or when they are frustrated, negative, and focused. I have been led by Gemini before, and though they are balls of energy, I have noticed that too much stress leads them to implode a bit. The Gemini leaders I have worked with do best when they delegate and participate in small ways in all the projects. Their best leadership qualities are that they communicate, guide, and share the load.

Balls of energy is the best way to describe the Gemini, yet they are so much more. Intellectual, conversationalists, flexible, and logical also describe the Gemini. Their Air Element combined with the Mutable Quality definitely work together in this sun sign of the yin and yang together.

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