Sun Signs: Libra
June 14, 2014

Sun Signs: Libra

Next in the zodiac series comes the seventh sign, the Libra. This middle child of the zodiac is represented by the Scales, and balance is an act that the Libra constantly tries to seek in themself, their family, their friends, and work. Balance is the Scale’s main focus; however, like the scale itself, a Libra can only achieve balance through an up and down, give and take. The Libra seems to be two personalities, but really they are just seeking the balance. More on that in a minute, though.

According to Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs blog, anyone born from September 24 to October 23 is a Libra, and Libras are ruled by Venus, which explains their ability to manage relationships. As explains, Libra men and women are happiest when they are partnered, whether that partnership happens at work, with friends, with family, or at home with their lover. However, the Libra is most happy in their partnership with their lover. Marriage is good for Libra because a Libra finds balance in marriage. A Libra will love deeply and have a loyalty to their partner seldom seen elsewhere.

In fact, part of what makes the Libra so good in partnerships is their ability to communicate. Likely, this comes as much from the Libra desire for balance as it does from the fact that the Libra is an Air sign. Earlier in this series, I explained that Air signs “love analysis, synthesis, and probing just as much as they love communication. Perhaps we might call them gregarious. All this leads to their alert curiosity and perceptiveness.” Each of these characteristics show in a Libra.

Despite the Libra’s strength in partnerships, they also come across as wishy-washy at times, but this is only a result of the Libra’s severe abhorrence to conflict. The middle child of the sun signs definitely plays the role of peacemaker with others. The Libra will do all that they can to avoid conflict or to resolve it when conflict finds its way into the Libra’s life. Again, this reaches back to the scales, to the balance. Conflict means something is in disarray, and the Libra desires balance above all else.

Additionally, the Libra is definitely a go-getter, an active being. But they are also sometimes called the Lazy Libra. Why the contradiction? Well, because when the scale is tipped toward activity, the Libra is fervent and determined. The Libra will go, go, go until they can go no more. Then they will sit down and no amount of inspiration will make them move, well at least not until the Libra has rested completely. The Libra needs the complete rest to rebalance their scales. When they are in a routine of activity and motion, they will not stop, so in order to bring the scales back even, they will need to stop…completely. But do not worry; as soon as the Libra rests up, they will be back in the saddle, so to speak.

With all this, quite possibly the most compelling characteristic of the Libra is that they are vibrant. They love completely and have loyalty to all they love. They are also fun because of their energy. Both the Air Element and Cardinal Quality balance out in the Libra, and isn’t that just how it is supposed to be? The Libra does strive for balance although the back and forth of that effort certainly plays its role as well.

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