Survey Says: Porsche Most Appealing Vehicle
July 28, 2013

Survey Says: Porsche Most Appealing Vehicle

For the most part, people take pride in the vehicle they drive. Whether it is an SUV, sports car, compact, family vehicle or truck, most drivers buy a vehicle that gives them pleasure to drive.

In a recent survey from JD Power and Associates, the Porsche brand was named the most pleasing to own and drive. More than 83,000 drivers were surveyed for the satisfaction of the vehicle and any problems with it. They were asked within the first 90 days after purchase or lease of their new vehicle. Porsche claimed the top position for the ninth straight year, according to the results that were collected between February and May 2013.

Behind the Porsche in the survey, luxury vehicles claimed the top ten spots by JD Power’s 2013 US Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout study. Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and Lexus were some of the other brands in the top ten. The highest ranking US brands for satisfaction finished seventh with Cadillac and ninth with the Lincoln.

In the survey, besides satisfaction, owners were also asked about problems arising with the vehicle. Porsche had the fewest problems with an average of 80 problems per 100 vehicles (80 PP 100). Most of the problems were a design flaw, not a manufacturing defect.

GMC scored second with 90 PP 100, Lexus was third with 94 PP 100, Infiniti was fourth with 95 PP 100, and rounding out the top five was Chevrolet with 97 PP 100. Last in the survey was Scion with 161 PP 100.

The complaints from this year’s survey mainly consisted of the voice recognition and Bluetooth systems, along with wind noise.

With Porsche taking the overall results, other vehicles that were winners in their respective classes were Honda Civic for small car and Honda CR-V for small SUV. For midsize car, Toyota Camry ranked highest. Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang tied for the midsized sporty car class. The best pickups were the Chevrolet Avalanche and Silverado. Lexus LS finished top of the class in the large premium car category with only 59 PP per 100.

Other winners were the Chevrolet Impala for large car, Cadillac Escalade for large premium CUV, Buick Encore and Kia Sportage tied for the sub-compact CUV. And Kia Soul was the highest compact MPV, giving GM eight wins in the survey.

The Porsche brand not only took the top spot in the satisfaction of ownership, the Porsche 911 also took home the trophy for best midsized premium sporty car, and the Porsche Boxster was number one in the premium sporty car category.

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