January 18, 2013

Tabletop PC Offers New Potentials

This year at CES, Lenovo and 3M unveiled combined plans for a 27” tabletop PC. Although this is really nothing new and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone it still wowed many people who stopped by their booth. Actually whenever you break it down they really didn’t do anything new at all; they just knocked over a stand alone all in one monitor PC and installed Windows 8; added a new AI to it that lets it track multiple hands at once (That may be the only thing new about it). Yes, this is a colossal waste of money as a coffee table that you’ll show off pictures of your kids to your parents with, but if you can look beyond that, there is potential.

Let’s start with just the basics; alternative ways to use this coffee table. Now if the people who are buying this thing are normal its probably going to be in front of the television. Why not put a remote app on it, or better yet satellite companies can offer an app that lets people scroll through on their table with a live feed of shows that are broadcasting. If a satellite company actually put a little bit of thought into their work (so this idea will never happen) they could have offer a blue tooth based app that blocks certain channels whenever certain signals are in the house. The coffee table has another leg to stand on and gains slightly more respect.

Another thing that it has the potential for is a gaming platform. Although the specs have not been released to the public at this time it can be assumed that if your paying the $1600 USD price tag that it should be able to run most games. With a wifi enabled TV or simple running a cord from the Tabletop to your TV you could use Steams Big Picture and run the games off your table putting them onto your TV. Much like Microsoft’s Slate or the Wii U (The DS 2.0) you could put some aspect of the game onto the table in front of you and play that part of the game down near you while the rest goes on above. Do this right and you have a fun and challenging cooperative game. Though after writing this I had the realization that with this your chances of playing a game with someone on the crapper is slightly higher.

When its all said and done your left with more thoughts than actions. Yes this has the potential to be a great piece of technology but it’ll take a lot of time before it comes to be anything more than just that coffee table your kids draw on and you occasionally show pictures off on. It first needs the ideas to be solidified into it before it should be sold. Yes the average consumer buying this has thought of a few good uses for it within their own home but I can do the same thing with a potato and a hammock. With all that I do look forward to seeing how they play their cards.

Image Credit: Lenovo

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