Tattoos: Why You So addictive??
June 23, 2013

Tattoos: Why You So addictive??

When people think of addictions, some of the first things that pop into their minds are liquor or drugs. In the current generation, however, a rise for the need or want to have someone inject ink into one’s body with a needle has become bluntly obvious. Many people argue that tattoos cannot be addictive, but some scientists, medical doctors and tattooed people have started to disagree.

One of the main reasons many tattoo-having people and many scientists believe tattoos are so addictive is the due to how high the amounts of adrenaline are during the process of obtaining the tattoo. As everyone knows, a tattoo can be very painful and it will quickly send signals to the brain that will make it become alert. A major response to pain, from the brain, is the release of adrenaline into blood stream. The rush people get when this chemical is released into the body, is due to the increase in heart rate and alertness a person’s body as the body enters the “flight or fight” stage.

Another extremely important factor of why people get addicted to tattoos has to do with adrenaline’s cousin, endorphin. This chemical is one of the body’s strongest pain relievers and feel good hormones. Endorphins are the hormone released after exercise and during and after an orgasm. So many people will continue to get tattoos because the pain of the needles going into the skin will trigger the flow of endorphins and they like that feeling.

Recently, however, the rehabilitation and medical field has come up with a new reason. Some doctors, and actual people that have been tattooed, will now argue that self-mutilation and experiencing extreme pain can be addictive. To some people, the fact that they control when they feel pain is completely invigorating. Some people like to use pain as a form of reliving stress, whether that may be emotional or mental. So, pain can also be a crucial reason in why people enjoy tattoos so much and continue to get them.

We still do not have a concrete idea of why tattoos are so addictive to people, or if they can actually be an addiction. We do, however, know what happens in our bodies when we get a rush of adrenaline and endorphins flooding into our bodies. And we also know that some people can get addicted to feeling pain because they feel like they are in control of what happens to their body. So, if we take all these facts and combine them, we can come to the conclusion that, even though it has not been proven, tattoos can be extremely addictive.

Image Credit: Jeff Thrower / Shutterstock

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