December 9, 2012

Taylor Swift: Most Dangerous Woman In America

I can only speak as far as my knowledge of independent music and artistic tastes will allow me, but does that permit me to ponder on why it is that this chick has got all of Hollywood’s men running for the hills?

I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music. In fact, I don’t know Taylor Swift one bit – not in popular media or when I’m in my truck on the way to school. Make no mistake – I don’t have any quarrel or personal problem with her as a musician, or as a human being, and I do understand that my comments and remarks may come off as rude and evil.

Jug on.

My opinions pertain more strictly towards her ethical music style. With the thirteen years of experimentation that I have had  with music, I feel that I have that kind of insight.

I do understand that Swift, like all other twelve year old girls in contemporary society, has a natural incliniation to letting her mind wander on boys. It’s not that she hasn’t grown up, it’s that she hasn’t grown up fast enough. I began hearing Taylor Swift’s music on MTV specials and at the Grammy awards – not to mention Kanye West making her practically world famous by his infamous speech back in ’09.

Taylor Swift is the modern interpretation and proving point of her demographic. She’s an example of that beautiful guitar playing hipster chick in high school that didn’t like to wear regular shoes or wear her hair in a pony tale. You almost never saw her eating meat, and when you did, it was in light, soft chews. When boyfriend season blew around, she assuredly had already been through her sixth pick of the semester – and by then already had five sob stories for her super circle of cute friends that somehow only served to listen to her problems.

And then that chick grew up and made songs about those ex’s.

And back then she only seemed like the average country singer being revered as an icon to the kids. And then again, is it that same glorifying stanza that has her behaving in a negative tone? I do say negative tone, because like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift has been held in much high regard as an inspiration to young girls across America. Parents love entrusting their parenting in other people like that.

And why not? It’s wonderful to give children a role model to look up to, and I would never assert that I didn’t have role models in my adolescence. But the problem of comparison arises when we began pretending that she’s not completely destroying the reputation of musicians and men that she just happened to date.

And she’s dated a lot of them, it seems.

This woman made a habit out of attaching emotional stories to every song that she manages to create. A wonderful musician, but dear God why does it always have to be about men? You must think of the ulterior domino effect that ensues in society. Taylor writes the song, the eight year old girl hears the song. If the eight year old girl hears the song, then forty of her friends have also heard the song. If they’ve heard the song, then they’re all socially inclined to expect their “Boy Toys” to act like twenty four year olds. A single woman moving an entire demographic of children with a simple three minutes.

Think of it as miniscule as you want, but that domino effect is effective in the long run.

You don’t believe me? Let me know in the comments!!!

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