Team iPhone Versus Team Galaxy
May 2, 2013

Team iPhone Versus Team Galaxy

The old cliche “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true” is a little worn out, a little too observationalist, a tad too “What is the deal with airline food,” if you ask me.

Yet, no matter how hard you may try to avoid it or dismiss it, there are some things that are so glaringly obvious, so 100 percent true, it’s a wonder no one has stood up to both point out the obvious and note the humor in the obvious.

Microsoft, God love’em, has done all of this in their latest Windows Phone commercial; and true to Microsoft’s form, they don’t seem to realize that they sort of emerge as the butt of the joke.

The scene: A wedding in a beautiful church.

As the officiant begins the ceremony, everyone in the congregation whips out their phones and begins snapping pictures and taking video.

Ah, but what’s this?

The congregation on the Bride’s side seems to be hoisting much larger devices than the wedding goers on the Groom’s side.

It’s a classic smartphone war, and on today of all days.

A bearded member of the iPhone/Groom’s team starts off the battle when he shouts at a member of the Samsung/Bride’s team, “Excuse me, do you mind moving your enormous phone?”

“You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?” asks another attendee, tapping his phone together with the first defendant to share SOMETHING, though we’re not sure what that something is.

What is there to be sharing at a moment like this?

Then, my favorite line of the entire advertisement:

A woman on the Groom’s side calls up Siri (it’s worth noting here that she never uses the word Siri…and probably for good reason) then asks “Search: One Trick Pony.”

A few moments later insults like “iSheep” and “copybots” are bandied about before a member of Team Galaxy exclaims, “AutoCorrect this!” before dealing a blow to a middle-aged iPhone user.

It’s on from there.

There’s plenty of thrown cake and punches from both sides, each claiming their phones are better than the rest.

Then the camera moves to two amused members of the wait staff who are taking video of the fight going on around them with Windows phones.

“Do you think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they’d stop fighting all the time?” asks one vested member of the wait staff.

“I don’t know, I think they like fighting,” responds the other, just before the original bearded complainant rips off his shirt to reveal an Apple tattoo on his bare chest.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Apple and Samsung people do seem to enjoy fighting over their devices. These exchanges range from the lighthearted and folksy ribbing at the bar to full out flame wars on Donald Trump’s Facebook wall.

As a member of team iPhone, I’ve taken part in the former, playfully mocking any friend who picks up a Galaxy.

I’ve even poked fun at Samsung on this site, accusing them of being enamored with size and bringing a stylus to a gun fight.

Yet, I have to wonder if Microsoft realized what kind of picture they painted with this ad.

In a wedding of what could be 100-150 attendees, only two members of the waitstaff own Windows Phones. In other words, Microsoft is blatantly admitting the obvious: “Yes, this is clearly a two horse race. Don’t forget we’re here!”

The actual tagline in the commercial is “Don’t fight. Switch.”

I’ve played ever so briefly with a Windows Phone and it appears to be a fine device. At the very least, it’s a great third choice to avoid the bickering and arguing between Apple and Samsung.

I’m not sure if it’s the best marketing angle to poke fun at the two companies who are thoroughly trouncing you in every sense of the word only to say, “Hey, we’re here, too!”

Let’s be honest, at this point in the game, Microsoft ought to be asking themselves “So why are we so unheard of again?”

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