Technology In The Kitchen
January 12, 2014

Technology In The Kitchen

Hello. My name is Brenda and I’m an addict. A CrockPot addict. I admit to already owning 5 and I lust for more. And I use them for everything.  The seven and six quart are perfect for large dinners, while the four quart and two quart work best for soups, stews, desserts and side dishes.  My small one quart I use to make dips when we have parties. We even have a lunch sized CrockPot for my husband to take to work and use to cook or heat up his lunches. Yeah, I’m definitely an addict.  But how can anyone NOT love CrockPots?!

Irving Naxon invented the slow-cooker, but sold the patent to Rival Manufacturing in 1971 who began selling it under the “CrockPot” brand.  Now owned by Sunbeam, it has changed and grown since it was first introduced.  And now they have teamed with Belkin and are introducing the “Belkin CrockPot WeMo Smart Slow-Cooker.”  For those who are unfamiliar, WeMo and Belkin have developed an entirely automated home system. This system allows you to totally control things like lighting, temperature, alarms, etc using the WeMo app for Android and iOS on your smartphone. Using the same technology, they were able to do the same thing with a CrockPot, just on a smaller scale.

This new crockpot does everything your favorite crockpot already does, but now you don’t have to actually be there to do it! You can turn the heat up or down via an app on your phone. You can set everything up, turn it on later in the day to start cooking and have a hot meal when you get home. You can set it up before you leave for work and turn it on at whatever time you need to. Or turn it from high to low or warm. Or just turn it off to keep it from overcooking.  And the best part is you do all of this from your phone! Being able to do all of this no matter where you are makes this particular CrockPot so useful! These abilities will allow cooks to expand their menus to include things they have always wanted to try, but couldn’t because of cooking time.

Will I buy one? Probably not, but only because I work from home and don’t have any need for this CrockPots cool functions and technology.  But I would definitely recommend it to anyone who works outside of the home. I mean, it really does all of the work for you. And what’s not to love about that?

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