Technology To Help During Severe Weather
May 23, 2013

Technology To Help During Severe Weather

As our technology continues to improve on Earth, we have many ways to stay ahead of the weather, as well. Here is a list of some items that can be used to help you prepare and stay safe during severe weather.

NOAA Weather Radio: These are very useful as they provide you with local broadcasts from your local national weather service office in your region. You can turn these on and set your storm alarm signals to go with it, so that you never need to be surprised again. This great radio runs on batteries so you will never have to worry about power.

Local Television Station: Now with the advancement of phones and apps, you can go and get the latest weather app from your tv station, as well. This will allow you to receive weather warnings right on your phone. So if you are out and away from the television, no worry; this app will have you covered.

Tornado Spy App: This app will provide you with all the needs to give you the latest and greatest up to date information on severe weather in your area. Also, this app allows you to share data with others or the weather service if you happen to be on the road or near a storm you can share that data.

Social Network: If you use Facebook on your phone, there are a lot of storm chasers that you can follow through Facebook. They will also have information on storms, such as warnings where these storms are going and what conditions can be expected. If you have a phone and you have internet connection on that phone, I highly recommend that you friend some of these chasers to keep you up to date. Twitter is another huge asset for storm coverage; same thing, here get in and setup to follow storm chasers on their tweets.

Red Cross: The app here will allow you to keep up to date on recovery data that may be going on in a region where you have friends or family that were impacted a the storm. This app will let you get all that information. Also, you can find your nearest Red Cross facility after a storm hits, allowing you to get help from them if you are in need after a storm hits.

Zoom Radar: This is another awesome feature that can be displayed on your phone. This feature provides you with everything from the radar to see where the storm is to a storm track which plots the storm out so you can see where the storm is headed. This feature also allows you to see information on that storm, such as what it has done. You can see the rotation of the storms, as well. This feature is by far one of the best investments a person can make when it comes to storm preparations.

Tornado by Red Cross: This app allows you to prepare yourself for the arrival of severe weather. It gives you information on what to do during a storm, where you can best protect yourself inside your house, and gives you a bunch of guides on how to protect yourself as well.

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