Telling Lies Again
February 13, 2013

Telling Lies Again

The most common lie told is “I’m fine.” You don’t even have to be depressed to lie about being “fine,” when you know very well you are not “fine.” We know just what to say to someone.

I say this all time, once in a while I will tell you the truth. It is I just I don’t feel like bugging people with my feelings and emotions. I hide the truth and you would not even know it. I have put on good fronts for others, no one has seen through them except for that one who has figured me out and all my masks.

Most people think we want attention but then why do we try to hide everything even from our best friends and loved ones?  We hide so much pain from the rest of the world. That is why we cut where nobody else can see them. We would rather cry in the rain so we can blame it on the rain on face. We make it look like we have ate if we have to eat front of somebody, otherwise we say, “I ate before I came.” Hiding in our bedrooms because no one can hurt us or see how much pain we are in.

The thing is the longer we are left alone, the more our thoughts destroy us. So we will hang out with others because we feel happy for a moment. It keeps us thinking about something else and we are moving around a little more.

When I was living on campus before I came home, I would walk around campus because I could not sit still enough with my thoughts. If it meant climbing up and down 20 flights of stairs or walking in the campus garden then I did so. Sometimes I can say I feel good and it is the truth but other times I would rather keep to myself of how I truly feel.

But then I think about how people just ask, “How are you?” to be polite not because they actually care. Then you have those few that actually care, but you do not want to worry them or cause a fuss. So we lie and say, “I’m fine,” and put on a good smile.

I wanted to encourage you all to keep a journal about how you feel, was your day good or bad, etc. It is good to see how your feeling since you may lie to yourself and others during the day. You can pin point your attitude and actions and rate them. Maybe you could just right a little note to yourself on a white board, your mirror, or in your notebook. You can look at it when you feel weak.

If you have not had the time to read my other blogs take some time and read them, I have also tried to add some projects to help you out. Email or leave me a comment if you have any ideas you would like me to talk about or need someone to talk to, I will listen.

Stay Strong <3

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