January 7, 2013

Thank You, Intel, For Killing Cable

No seriously, It’s looking like they are on the verge of starting a revolution here.

According to some information on Forbes.com it looks like Intel is coming up with a subscription service that will not only let customers subscribe to a specific channel, but also subscribe to a specific show as well. Imagine not having to be bundled with a cable box, just an Internet box plus a landline by the cable companies. (They seriously do this.)

All you have to do is have an Internet connection and you can experience all the live or on-demand television you can handle, well all that you can fit in your budget anyway. Pretty soon you won’t have to pay for hundreds (even thousands) of channels that you don’t even watch. Consumers will even be able to save programs on the “Cloud DVR” where they can watch television shows even if they missed the original air time.

But how will this all work? Don’t the channels have to get paid as well? Even Apple and Google ran into problems regarding the other parties. In addition, HBO Go requires people to already have existing subscriptions to the cable channel. So what makes Intel so different? How can Intel pull this whole thing off?

Well it seems that the guys over at Intel have been working on this for about a year now, but all top secret like (I’m talking James Bond levels of secrecy). As it turns out they have been investing handsomely into their partners, which look to be paying off.

I would be lying if I were to say I’m not interested in this new venture for Intel. We’re talking about those guys who make the quick chips that go in every computer out there. Can you imagine what they will put into their own product?

Maybe high speed lasers that could blast the fingers off of attempted burglars. Or even a force field that would have face recognition so no one could compromise someone else’s subscriptions and maybe even self-destruct if that were to occur.

Or it may come with a pizza oven right out of the box.

I know those may be extreme and exaggerated predictions of the product. (Except for the pizza oven. That should be heavily considered in the boardrooms at Intel.) But they have the money to do as they please, so the only limitation here is where their imaginations end. I mean, the box is connected to the Internet, for goodness sakes! Think of the ease of updating with new content and no, not just more cable television channels. Maybe they could expand into all facets of entertainment with the likes of video games, on-demand movies (bring it on, Netflix!) and maybe even throw their own programs into the mix (again, bring it on, Netflix!).

Either way, I’m glad to see something like this finally hitting the market. It’s about time the cable companies got a mass exodus from the consumers that they put on a tight rope, balancing the services the customer actually wants and the services they are forced to pay for.

I hope you companies are ready, because the countdown has already begun.

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