The 2015 818 EV
May 12, 2014

The 2015 818 EV

The high price of fuel and the quest for vehicles with cleaner emissions prompts the automotive industry to produce cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles; namely hybrids, plug-ins, and fully electric vehicles. You continually hear from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Tesla and many others about their new developments with these type of cars.

However, one company that is known for its customized kit cars and hot rods has joined in the pursuit of electric powered cars. Factory Five Racing is based in California and along with customized cars, they also produce an in-house vehicle named the 818. Normally, the car uses a drivetrain from the Subaru WRX, but Factory Five Racing has converted one into an electric racer.

Our friends at Top Speed have the low down.

Developed by Factory Five Racing with a little help from 33 Machine and EV West, the 2015, 818 EV is currently in the testing stage.

Image Credit: Factory Five Racing /

Image Credit: Factory Five Racing /

The gas-powered engine was replaced by an AC35x2 electric motor powered by a 16-kWh lithium ion phosphate battery and two 8-kWh sub packs. The motor connects to the original five-speed manual transmission from a 2002 WRX, which reduces energy consumption. The 165 horsepower and 189 lb-ft of torque is rather low, but with the vehicle weighing just under a ton, the performance is commendable. An estimated six-second 0-60 and a top speed of 150 mph puts it among many performance vehicles of today.

EV West was responsible for installing and fine tuning the electric power, while 33 Machine modified the original tube frame chassis to integrate the motor. It has a 60- to 70-mile range on a full charge and it takes about four hours to fully charge the batteries.

It was tested without the body and, according to a forum thread, the interior is still in the development process before the body is attached.

EV West is offering a starter conversion kit for the Factory Five 818 at a price of $6,988. It is an entry level package that contains the AC motor with regenerative braking, programmable controller, aluminum controller mount, high voltage charger, bell housing adapter plate, flywheel coupler, motor controller liquid cooling plate, coolant pump, radiator, state of charge instrumentation, throttle controller, and DC/DC converter. A high performance package is also available that contains two motors.

EV West is an electric conversion company located in San Marcos, California. When speaking about the 818, co-founder Michael Bream said, “it’s the most fun car I’ve ever driven.”

The 818 EV project was started by Erik Hansen of 33 Machine and was tested at the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. Video of the test shows the bodiless 818 sliding around the track.

Dave Smith, head of Factory Five, invited Hanson to the sixth annual Huntington Beach Cruise-In to show off the car, winning the trophy for best innovative design.

The cost for the EV 818 is $19,500. Higher performance could easily be obtained with higher output engines, but this would include more components and higher costs.

Featured Image Credit: Factory Five Racing /

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