The 2015 Ford FPV GT F - Australia’s Ford Falcon
June 21, 2014

The 2015 Ford FPV GT F – Australia’s Ford Falcon

This struck me as kinda ironic and just a little bit funny. Mainly because my first car was a 1965 black four-door Ford Falcon with a straight six. I bought it for $175 when I first earned my learners’ permit. I drove it for six months, when the engine lost a cylinder and pieces of engine ended up all over the pavement.

My dad was with me and we were 30 miles from home. We pulled into a gas station, added some oil and drove toward the house — mind you top speed was about 30 mph and noisy. After stopping a couple more times for oil, the engine finally seized up one mile from home. That’s when I knew I liked Fords. Not because the engine blew, but because it went for almost 30 miles with a blown engine.

I did not know that when Ford stopped making the Falcon in 1970 in America, but it continued to be produced in Australia, even to this day. Our friends at Top Speed have the lowdown on what I thought was a classic model.

Since 1972, the Australian version of the Ford Falcon has been entirely designed, developed and produced in Australia. It is the land down under’s best selling car and comes equipped with many trim and engine options. There have been over three million Falcons sold in Australia. To top it off, another vehicle I thought was a thing of the past that is still being produced in Australia is the Ford Ranchero, which I had also owned before. The Australian version is called the Ute.

The 2015 Ford FPV GT F is the performance version of the Falcon. Its price is up there, though, at $74,000 American dollars, but for a super performance vehicle, it’s a good deal. It is fitted with a supercharged 5.0-L V-8 that shells out impressive stats. The power plant produces 470 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Zero to 60 is an estimated four seconds and top speed is 186 mph. That’s something different than my 1965 slow mobile. Although it is fitted with the 5.0-L or 302 for us older folks, it has the 351 badge on the instrument dial faces and seat stitching, put there as a tribute the original Ford Falcon GT with the 351 V-8.

The engine also has a special function that increases power by 15 percent. However it is only available in higher gears and above 4000 rpm. The car also has rear-wheel-drive, which is more to the style of a true muscle car. The rear suspension has adjustable camber bolts that can be fine-tuned for the road or track.

The interior has the typical right-hand drive for Australia roads and is basically a plain Jane look similar to the base, six-cylinder Falcon model. There’s not much in the way of updated technological devices either, but that all is minor when you step on the throttle and the back of your head slams the seat.

However, Ford has been gaining some flack for not updating some of their interiors, so they are planning to upgrade the cabin with darker tones, a more lustrous finish and a completely new instrument panel, as compared to previous models.

All in all, if the Falcon was available in the US, it just might worth checking out for at least a test drive.

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