The 3Doodler: AKA, The Hot Glue Gun
February 24, 2013

The 3Doodler: AKA, The Hot Glue Gun

Have you ever seen a hot glue gun in action and thought, “Well hey now, there’s something I could use to create some 3D artwork?”

If you have, I’m here to deliver some good news: the team at WobbleWorks have got you covered.

It’s called the “World’s first 3D printing pen,” but the title seems a little generous, given what it’s capable of doing.

The words “3D Printing” have become something of a hot topic these days, thanks to the popularity of MakerBot and the ongoing controversy of the guy who (frighteningly) wants to make printing guns a thing.

Therefore, creating a product that claims to allow you to put 3D printing, quite literally, in your hand sounds like a product that’s gone one louder.

Yet, when seen in the video on their KickStarter page, the 3Doodler is nothing more than a hot glue gun with a thinner material that dries quicker than the traditional cloudy glue.

The 3Doodler also looks a little more unwieldy than a traditional hot glue gun; its’ bulkier and comes with a tail of unused medium, the same ABS plastic used in other 3D printing processes.

According to Daniel Cowen, a spokesperson for WobbleWorks, each one foot of spaghetti shaped ABS plastic converts to about 11 feet of artwork.

Though the idea may be simple, this product has garnered quite a bit of attention on KickStarter. WobbleWorks, the company responsible for this high-tech glue gun, have only asked for $30,000, but at the time of this writing, they’ve earned $1,550,000 with over a month left to go.

“We knew it was a great product. But we didn’t expect the response to be this fast,” said Cowen in an interview with CNN.

“The velocity of the response caught us by surprise. It’s phenomenal.”

Having the word “3D” associated with this product has no doubt earned it some press and comparisons to other 3D printers, such as the aforementioned MakerBot Replicator 2. One major difference between the 2 is price: Whereas the MakerBot Replicator 2 retails at $2,200, the 3Doodler is expected to sell for a mere $75.

Of course, the Replicator 2 is also capable of recreating famous works of art. According to the KickStarter video, the 3Doodler is capable of doing exactly that…making little doodles out of colored plastic. It’s the difference between a Van Gogh and little Timmy’s Kindergarten scribbles. (Not that I would ever demean Timmy’s art…)

In case you think it unfair to compare this product to a hot glue gun, I’d like to point you to the 1:25-1:30 section of the KickStarter video.

Surely after you see this video you’ll be able to agree with me that their “patent pending design” has already been patented before by way of the glue gun.

But no, I get it. This is a different thing because we’re all into 3D Printing now.

If perchance you’ve had your curiosity piqued by the idea of hot glue gun art, perhaps you should check out these oddly wonderful chandeliers made out of the stuff.

They’re much more intricate than anything seen on the 3Doodler KickStarter video, and just about every bit as ugly.

Image Credit: WobbleWorks

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