January 26, 2013

The Banned Episode Of Dexter’s Lab

Just what the f$#! is going on here?

It’s been a long, long week my friend. Come on, you probably have been clocking in and clocking out all week or maybe even studying hard to pass that last minute quiz. Whatever it was, the point still remains that you have been diligently grinding out this week. Kick off your shoes and loosen that tie, it’s time to have a laugh.

Remember back in your childhood when you were obsessed over cartoons? Remember when you Mom or Dad had to make sure the next isle in the store wasn’t the toy isle in the event that you would turn into a human atomic bomb every time you would come across your favorite toy merchandise? Remember having your bowl of cereal and staying up all night just to watch reruns of the cartoons you just say earlier that evening?

Remember Dexter’s Laboratory?

Ah yes, good times. The cartoon show of a boy who found some way to fit an enormous, ever expanding science laboratory just nestled behind his book shelf. Speaking of which, I’m sure his parents light and energy bills must have been eyebrow melting! The boy was a genius nevertheless and created timeless inventions that have left an everlasting imprint in our minds (or at least mine). From time to time (and by that I mean every episode) his older sister would sneak her way into his super-secret lab and fudge up all of his progress or leave it utterly destroyed.

From time to time (and by that I mean every episode, again) Dexter would have an outburst of angry emotional dialogue, but he always kept his rants G rated (what can I say, he’s got values…and he’s got the FCC on his neck). It was funny, cartoonish and fun loving for all the kids to see but there was one short that didn’t get to see the light of day.

This particular short was produced in 1998 and directed by Rob Renzetti and was meant to only premier during the late night hours since this episode pre dates the Adult Swim era of Cartoon Network. CN unfortunately decided to pull this little spectacle at the last possible moment and television gold was not made. This episode yet again featured the Irish accented young genius getting his plans thwarted by his older sister Dee Dee. The only problem is that the both of them get tangled in a rude remover machine which brings a new meaning to bringing out someone’s demons. All of the moral defects are removed from a person, which in turn creates another morally challenged doppelganger.

This leads to a pretty wacky episode full of enough swearing to send the kids from South Park running home covering their ears from these evil words. The episode only has aired at select Comic-Cons since its inception but this week the good ol’ Cartoon Network has finally decided to open up the vault and release the episode via Youtube.

One side note though: Cartoon Network has still censored the swearing so that part sucks.

But Alas! Take a trip down memory lane with a brand new episode from Dexter’s Lab with enough swearing to match your own potty mouth, enjoy!

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

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