December 17, 2012

The Brink Of War With North Korea?

U.S. officials have regarded North Korea’s recent rocket launch as a “provocative” action, taken in combination with their assessment of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. Could this mean a potential threat from them?

It certainly seems so, although my idea of a potential threat to America falls somewhere in between nation-wide obesity and reality television. But this is no time for jokes – North Korea has launched a rocket into Earth’s orbit and the world isn’t laughing anymore.

While the U.S. has always regarded North Korea’s intentions and standpoints on their modern military as futile, American society has usually had no choice but to accept it as a cruel and unusual joke. I speak from the position of an American that isn’t up to date on the Government’s actions and plans for planned war, so my opinion may not hold much ground with most of you. The most that I can gather in recent years is that North Korea has always been considered to have a short nuclear fuse – usually a delayed short fuse, but a potential threat nonetheless. What does that mean for the citizens of the U.S.?

For the most part, it outlines the fact that we have underestimated them a great deal in the past few years. We have always written off North Korea as another “America Hating” nation with the clear intention of all out war at any given time. And why wouldn’t we consider this? Because of their military record of failed missile launches and continuous boasts of superiority. America stands as one of the most developed and technologically advanced nations on the planet, and having that title ensures that there will always be opposition to capitalism and democracy. But in hindsight, it has been the foundation of our society for nearly 250 years.

Among our most typical traits of ethnocentrism and downsizing smaller nations comes the hidden trait of underestimating potential threats. But make no mistake; we always consider the pros and cons of our destruction. A destruction, which to most of our people, has an unforeseen circumstance for the world. That circumstance is that a military invasion is a long shot.

And I do mean a very long shot.

But let’s examine the situation: North Korea launched a rocket into space, claiming that it was for space satellite orbiting purposes. Of course the UN and U.S. have regarded it as a potential threat due to the fact that it could preparatory to a nuclear strike. North Korea is seen in our eyes as an unstable nation.

A headless chicken with its fingers tightly held on a nuclear button waiting to be pushed and our lives, indefinitely threatened.

One can only theorize the potential outcomes of this ordeal.

But why are we now all of a sudden up in arms about them launching a satellite? Because for the longest time we have watched North Korea boast its nuclear capabilities and condemn Democratic society as unjust and worthy of destruction. Such remarks are only deemed as worthy of a constant watchful eye on their actions. If North Korea can push a satellite into orbit, then it’s possible that they can launch a nuclear warhead.

Successful to say the least.

Of course it’s only speculation. So no official comments can be made on the U.S.’s next step, but you can be sure that our Kim Jong crazy-little-man will be getting a lot more attention for the coming months.

Image Credit: Vividz Foto / Shutterstock

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