January 10, 2013

The Climate Blog For January 10, 2013

This is the Climate Archive of the month of November 2012 for the cities of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Big Stone, South Dakota.

So taking a look back at the month of November 2012 we first evaluate the city of Green Bay and take a look at what statistics where provided for the month and how the month actually turned out along with a few significant events of the month. The heaviest day of rainfall occurred on November 11 when the region saw 0.84in of rain. The coldest day for the month occurred on November 26 when the city saw a high of 27F for the day, while the warmest day occurred on November 11 when the city hit 64F. Other significant events for the month in Green Bay included that they saw their first accumulation snow of 1.0 in on November 25 which came in behind the front. The month saw a total of 0.97in of rain along with 1.5in of snowfall for the month. The region was predicted to see temps in the 30-40F for the average high temps, the month did see  33% of the month in this range while it also saw  7% of the month in which it was colder. The month overall was warmer than the 30-40F range with about 60% of the month in the upper 40’s to mid50’s.

The second city we are going to look at is Big Stone South Dakota.  Here are some of the significant events for the month, first the warmest day occurred on November 21 when the high temp hit 64F. As for the coldest day it occurred on November 23 when the high temp only rose to 23F. The heaviest single day of rainfall occurred on November 10 when the region saw 0.05in of rainfall. The single heaviest snowfall day occurred on November 22 when they saw 0.2in of snowfall for the day. The month was forecasted to be in the 30-40F range for daily high temps the month did see 26% of the days inside that 30-40F range, however 60% of the month was warmer than that along with 14% being colder than the 30-40F threshold. The month saw a total of 0.11in of rainfall along with 0.9in of snowfall for the month.

To summarize this Climate Archive it is quite easy to say that both of the above mentioned cities did experience a warmer month of November than what was forecasted to occur. The Big Stone area did see less than 1inch of snow which they were supposed to see around 3-6in for the month. While Green Bay, did get 1.5in of snowfall with the forecast for 1-2inches on the month.  The lack of snowfall in both regions led to a warmer month. Also the expected onset of El-Nino which did not occur altered some of these conditions having an impact from both warmer and drier weather patterns.

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