The Coolest Light Bulb You Will Ever Buy
May 15, 2013

The Coolest Light Bulb You Will Ever Buy

There are tons of different light bulbs out there these days. All of them do essentially the same thing; they light up your room, closet, or whatever you need to make brighter. But can your light bulb change color? Can your light bulb dim every minute? These two features and more were designed into a revolutionary new light bulb called LIFX.

Engineers have essentially tried to make the most uninteresting thing on Earth, besides watching paint dry, interesting. The light bulb syncs with your smart phone to activate its seemingly endless tricks and modes. Using Wi-Fi or any internet connection, you are able to control your lights from anywhere and anytime.

When you download the application on your smart phone, it will allow you to control one light, the lights in a room, or even all the lights within your house. In the application, you are able to dim your lights, turn them off, dim them over time, and even program them to turn on at specific times during the day. The coolest feature of these lights, in my opinion, is the ability to choose from over one million different colors at will. These lights are able to change color to whatever color you choose. You can strobe them, turning your living room, or backyard, into an instant dance floor or club. These lights would be perfect for anything from a restaurant to a custom bar that you could install in your home. Now, since these lights are directly connected to your Wi-Fi connection, the device provides password protection, which will allow you to keep hackers or other intruders from controlling the lights in your house.

These lights are also very energy efficient, with close to 50,000 hours of life. That’s about 17 years of life with eight hours of constant use. LED lights are considered some of the most energy efficient lights as they dissipate heat easier when compared to incandescent bulbs or other light bulbs.

Now, of course you’re probably wondering at this point, if this light bulb is so perfect, why doesn’t everyone have these lights already in their house? Well, the answer to that is the initial cost of the light bulb. At $79 USD per light bulb, you can imagine how many people are unwilling to dish out that much money for a light bulb when they could get a cheaper one that would cost far less but last maybe a quarter of the time.  The math says otherwise. Over the long period of time of the light bulb, the LED light is actually more cost effective and you get more for the money you spend. The big price tag still detours buyers as they want an immediate return from their investment.

Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a light bulb that you could almost literally do anything with? I know I would buy one if I wasn’t a poor college student. Otherwise my whole apartment would be filled with these lights and I would have a different color every day of the week until I graduate from college and then repeat!

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