December 11, 2012

The Country Tavern (Nashua, NH)

Ghosts and spirits are usually portrayed as being evil entities, and should be feared. Not such is the case of Elizabeth Ford, who is claimed to haunt the Country Tavern in Nashua, N.H. It is located at 482 Amherst St. Manager John Randall of the tavern says, “I am a bit of a skeptic, and have not experienced anything myself to lead me to believe in ghosts, but with all the claims of the experiences by patrons, I can’t throw out the possibility.”

A brief history
Captain Ford, a seaman of English decent, and his wife Elizabeth built a home here in 1741. Problems in their marriage were present right from the start. His ocean voyages, on occasion, would keep him at sea for months at a time. On one voyage he was gone for close to a year. When he returned home, he had discovered that Elizabeth had given birth. He was outraged and locked her in a closet for a few days. When he released her from the vindictive imprisonment, the captain informed her that he had killed the child and buried the body. In retaliation she attacked him, and in the struggle, allegedly he stabbed her to death and threw her body in a well near the home. What became of the captain is unclear.

In the mid 1980’s the home was turned into a restaurant. Today it is called The Country Tavern. From the time of her demise, until now, Elizabeth is claimed to be searching for her child. Randall says that the claims have brought attention to the tavern. Paranormal investigators have investigated throughout the years with their equipment. Many claim to have found evidence supporting the reports.

An apple tree, that is as old as the home, is where captain Ford supposedly buried the child. The prior owners of the property tried to save the tree by pouring concrete around it and tying it down. But about ten years ago, a severe storm blew it over. The concrete and the stump are still there. The well, which sits visible on the side of the road that leads to the airport, has been filled in and covered with a plank.

The haunting claims
Elizabeth seems to be a friendly ghost, and playing pranks is one of her mischievous dealings. Moving dishes, salt shakers, and glasses seems to be one of her ways of communicating with us. A family from Virginia, who once lived in the house, claimed Elizabeth would play with their son. The son, now an adult, substantiates the claim.

The areas with the most activity, are the bathrooms and dinning room. Shadows and apparitions have been reported in these areas. She is described as a girl with blonde hair and is wearing a long white dress. She also has been seen staring out the upstairs window, maybe looking for her child. Other claims have been, she helps with house cleaning, and plays with the hair of women in the ladies restroom. Doors open and close on their own. One account was when a man went outside for a cigarette and watched a door swing open and close 12 times. But no one entered or exited the doorway.

For a good meal, and a good haunt, check out The Country Tavern.

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Image Credit: Annette Shaff / Shutterstock

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