The Croods 2 Will Be A Thing
April 22, 2013

The Croods 2 Will Be A Thing

Let’s be frank with each other here; you’ve seen the Dreamworks smash-hit movie The Croods every weekend since its release back in late March. Part of this is due to your children’s constant nagging and part of this is due to the fact that you’ve fallen madly in love with the gorgeous, imaginative and unforgettable world that is ending around a certain family of cavemen.

You’re not alone here.

I, as well as a bunch of other movie goers, have paid dollar after cold hard dollar to see this spectacle more and more.

To date, this film has grossed more than $350 million dollars USD from worldwide box office sales.

So, if you take this situation and add in your knowledge of Hollywood, then you would know that this commotion has all of the makings of an even bigger sequel… and you would be right.

The original Croods film featured voice talent from the likes of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds and you could bet that they are in their private Jacuzzis, which is on their private jet, which is flying to a private island that they’ve probably bought due to the profits from this film, and on the phone with execs talking about the sequel as you read this.

As of right now, there isn’t aren’t many more details involving the storyline besides the fact that it will be continued and it WILL make all kinds of money when it hits the box office in the coming years. My guess is that Dreamworks will release this film to compete with Pixar’s Finding Dori in the battle for the family Thanksgiving Day dinner movie.

I don’t see why not; they are the ones wearing the big boy pants now and even if they lose horribly to Pixar they would still gain an insane amount of profit.

I’m just hoping that co-director, Chris Sanders, can keep the same sense of heart that the first installment had in the sequel. The unique thing about the first Croods film was that it was surprisingly heartwarming and well timed. I know that this is just another solid cash grab by a major studio; but if they can keep the same balance of sequence, timing and heart, then I think we will be looking at a bonefied trilogy in the very near future (or a five part series if this goes the path of the Shrek films).

On the other hand, this series can go the other way and deteriorate in quality with each sequel following the previous. It’s the challenge that is both daunting and exciting to the crew over at Dreamworks; how can they mix a full artistic experience within the confines of a mainstream 90 minute blockbuster and still not come off as an effort to print out more cash?

Well, these guys have done it before and they also have run series’ into the ground, but I think from all of this experience Dreamworks will know which moves to make and know how to preserve a series like this.

Or they could hit your children with a sequel every year until another Toy Story hits the screens.

Either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

Image Credit: Dreamworks

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