The Death Of G4
March 15, 2013

The Death Of G4

April 22, 2013 will mark the end of an era and an attempt to start a new one. Yes, it is true that G4, the channel for gamers and everything nerdy, will be fading away into the abyss and rising from the ashes will be a new phoenix in the form of the Esquire Network, a channel that focuses on the many facets of the modern male. From cooking to style and even to grooming, the Esquire Network has a new mission statement and that is to make a full-fledged Sean Connery out of you.

All jokes aside, this is a heart breaking moment for me; it’s almost like seeing your pet die. You’ve raised it since it was barely old enough to walk and then you see it become an old geezer and fade away into dust. I remember back in 2002 when all the Pringles chips had tops with G4’s original logo in order to promote the birth of a new channel, a channel for gamers. Although I’ve seen it change and grow into such topics as comics, talk shows and COPS (Really? I mean, was that necessary?) I’ve always had a strong love for the network who strived to be different. As much love as I had for it, I also had a substantial amount of hate for how the one channel that stood out slowly started to fit in with all the other networks on television.

It’s been a downward spiral, but after the first few years G4 really never found out who it really wanted to be. The audience was just never there and that just proves the cryptic changes that have happened in technology since ’02. The internet is a hell of lot faster now than it was back then and gamers like me wouldn’t waste valuable TV time watching video game news that they could’ve gotten in a matter of seconds with the advent of internet gaming news outlets the likes of IGN, Joystiq and Gamespot. Not to say gamers do not watch TV, but who would wait until prime time instead of getting the news as it happens?

But as for the Esquire Network, I actually see this as being successful ratings wise. There are millions of men who do read such magazines as Men’s Health, GQ and, of course, Esquire. And yes, many of these men are gamers.

Esquire seeks to appeal to these men with a range of broad topics so games, gadgets and gizmos will be part of the show, but will have to share the stage with the previously mentioned interests such as style, cooking and grooming.

I’d hate to see G4 go (even though they have been spinning their wheels for the past few years), but I personally like the idea of a network that has all bases covered. Maybe it is time to be more open-minded and be open to new things instead of just gaming. It may be a risky business move to make, but looking at G4 recently; a change has to be made.

I mean seriously, a channel for gamers, but COPS is on for eight hours straight? That ain’t right, man.

Oh yeah, and American Ninja Warrior will still be on the channel, yeah… just in case you wanted to know.

That show’s pretty hilarious.

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