December 3, 2012

The Delicacy Of Raising Your Child

Is the prospect of raising a child as easy as most people like to think? Let’s peer our eyes over the pool of child progression, shall we?

My parents goal in raising me failed quite miserably before I was born. It’s not the saddest of topics-In fact, its not that sad at all. Life to me isn’t really as obligatory and mystical as most people would like to annotate. Oh, sure-we’re all given a purpose and a defining mission to do something great and remarkable in the eyes of the advancement for humanity. In my reality, our lives are simplistic specs in the grand scheme of the universe. In my own way, understanding that makes me feel much more at peace with popular media.

Of course, it could all end here and now.

The planet Earth could break apart and expand in infinite proximity-billions of species of mammal, reptile, and insect. Magma, and aqua-Tundra and Sahara-All dissolved into dust and then ash, and then slowly fades into the cold creep of the abyss of space as nothing but a lack of touch or force pulls on these particles, and they drift into the recesses of infinite hollowness. Over a trillion whispers of terror, fear and pain.

And the universe would not notice.

So how do you cope? I ravish in the fact that humanity, aside from its occasional misstep in political or entertainment means, are the most advanced biological being in the world. Our minds develop themselves into clear and concise documentation machines, capable of storing decades of memories and events-actions and skills-pleasures and preferences of foods, places and finally other people. We have an intellectual(If you have the capability) attribute of our minds that, while connecting us all into one single category, separates and distinguishes over seven billion of us into our own clear category.

And it starts with the children.

According to an article that you can read here, even baby names effect the direction in which your child grows up!!!From it, we learn that a good or bad name affects how the outside environment reacts to the child-and in turn, how the child reacts to the environment. It can affect the choices they make-whether they become a smoker, a drinker, or a frequent blogger.

If you understand social dynamics of the thinking process, then you may know that the human brain records memories through an action, a feeling, and a smell. In fact, redOrbit’s very own Carter Lee theorized this process in his book “When Jonathan Cried For Me”! Lee wrote that this process had the potential of attaching both a negative and positive effect on the developing child’s mind. For example, he gave an example of an example of an everyday development in a child’s mind. For all intents and purposes, I will give a similar example:

Sydney is a sixteen year old teenager living comfortably within the confines of a gated community somewhere in The Woodlands – a predominately wealthy area of business in Texas. Sydney belongs to an Edna and Walter Salit – a very loving couple with a twenty year long marriage on their belt. Edna and Walter are preparing for a very wonderful anniversary dinner and, while Sydney is heating a bowl of Mac and Cheese, Walter inquires with Edna as to why it’s taking her so long to finish her grooming. Edna replies with pleas of worry that she’s not beautiful and constant denials of his support. There conversation grows louder and Sydney over hears this exchange-yet she does not interfere.

What does this mean to Sydney? For starters, her interpretation of beauty will be deflated since there is no clear definition of the word in her experience. To her, she interprets true beauty as a woman clearly looking stunning, but always denying and refusing the acknowledgment.

A woman denying herself of her own self worth. Take that inconceivable event and see how it translates to the next thirty years of her life-the boyfriends and dates that she encounters in college, or the man she marries. To say that any man could appreciate a woman who didn’t realize her own self worth. Her relationship with her own daughter, or even her interpretation with how a woman should be viewed?

The child’s mind is delicate. And before you began setting rules and regulations and visions of how your child should be, instead ponder on whether or not you believe that this world is one in which you are prepared to allow your offspring to thrive. Because regardless, they will grow in whatever direction that the wind blows them.

The goal, is freedom.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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