November 20, 2012

The End Is Nigh (Part 1)

For seven long and tedious years, the HD-gen consoles have wreaked havoc upon the gaming industry. Our time is almost up!

I remember the moment that my hands grabbed the first Xbox 360 I’ve ever owned. My hands trembled. I had trouble breathing, and my eyes began to water into shivering streams of tears.

I was happy!

My years in grade school were rewarded with video games and handheld consoles as long as I brought home consistent A’s and B’s. Thinking back on it now I’ve realized that the only things I’ve ever considered “Rewarding” were the colors of Halo 3 and Gears of War. Ironic, because in my adolescence the only purpose they served was to make me feel trapped in a ball of pessimism. Competitive Multiplayer and such serve only as glory highlights in my memories.

This is the fabric of the gaming industry in the 21st century-The genetic makeup of gamers as we have come to know them today.

It brings nostalgic memories and sad grins to my face to think on the games that have passed through my home.

Just think on this: Grand Theft Auto 5 will soon be released on the 360 and PS3, yet IGN and 1up can’t stop marking this as the end of our current generation. Doesn’t it suck to be the only hot chick at the party NOT throwing up in excitement?

Perhaps one of the greatest considerable tech advancements in video game history, in my opinion, was the progression from Grand Theft Auto 2 on to 3. For years gamers had known GTA commonly from eagle eye perspective: Every set design piece and character model was seen from an abstract and non-intimate viewpoint. Radio Stations, public violence, even that dark humor you love so much: youthful elements that would very soon become the bulk of interest in conversations for gamers for decades to come.

This was the glory of Playstation One.

However, we must remember that consumers most desired oxymoron in supply and demand is the revolution of small, yet more efficient machines. Because of this desire, we continued to move forward.

Moving on into Sony’s Playstation 2, Rockstar Games was given the technical hardware they needed to fully upgrade their games to a new world! Lo and behold: Grand Theft Auto 3 dropped a computer tech bomb on the industry in ways that we could not possibly have imagined before. A new third person perspective interface and a world a lot more identical to our own. We had immersion in a way that mirrored human life like it never had, and is still arguably the most identical representations we have ever seen.

As the years carried on Rockstar continued to push out Vice City and later San Andreas onto the same console. The tech advancements that we saw on this remarkable box to Grand Theft Auto 3 was still capable and ready to provide the processing and graphical power of a game that spanned dozens of kilometers. Not to mention hundreds of hours in exploration with more planes, trains, and automobiles to make Steve Martin weep.

Eventually the same software that was on Playstation 2 was ported to Xbox and later PC. These were truly the glory years of the early 21st century.

And yet still, another benchmark of technical amazement was still yet to come.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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