January 10, 2013

The Glitch

It starts off as an itch. A dead pixel or a horizontal hold in the middle of the game across your screen, which you pass off as gunfire or game play. You don’t think much of it because you’re too wound up in your game to care about what you’ve just rationalized to be a one-time mishap never to be repeated again. But it still lingers in your head way too long for your liking.

Son of a bitch! It happened again; only this time it was when you were closing your porn folder while your mom barges in (unannounced mind you). If it wasn’t for all the furious training you’ve put your fingers and arms through from years of gaming, suddenly your mother would now know that not only are you into the kinky stuff, but you are the sole reason the Internet’s always slowing down to a creeping halt. But it’s all okay, your mother has just told you that your dinner is ready while none the wiser of your secret fetish; you go off to eat your dinner and ignore the glitch once again.

Now for a hitch? You really needed to finish that paper that was totally due in 30 minutes for that one class that you’re just on the edge of failing? Well wouldn’t it just be a shame if your good friend Glitch decided to show up? Now you’re in a state of fury; you being the tech savvy person you are, you immediately remember bits and pieces of the previous error screens and type them into Google hoping something turns up while you flip the switch on every single diagnostic program you can find. At the end of it all, you’re left with a general idea that it could be any of three things. Either your RAM or your hard drive is circling the drain or you’ve downloaded one too many BDSM films and they’re starting to leak into your life. But it’s late and you’re upset, so you leave it be.

You’re ready to throw it into a ditch. You ordered new RAM and you’re pretty sure you fixed the problem, but when you install and start up, you’re still getting the same crap that has been bugging you for weeks on end and completely random intervals. Games are now harder to enjoy as you are constantly waiting for it to crash so you can restart it. The worst you could fear has happened, your hard drive is corrupted. To add to the matter, you just spent your last $100 thinking that the problem could be solved and now you’re left with the question: wait a month and buy a new hard drive or delete everything from your current and start a new. So in the final moment you are left with one decision: say goodbye to Sasha Grey and Belladona and get on with your life, or wait a month and hope you got it right.

In conclusion: This is just another reason why you shouldn’t buy a Dell.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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