October 12, 2012

The Green Minute: Online Recycling Games For Kids

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

Let’s face it. Young kids are going to play games on your home computer, laptop, iPad, you name it. Wouldn’t it be great if they were learning something valuable as they played?

Several educational groups have developed online games that teach children how to recycle.

Recently, I challenged my eight-year-old daughter to these games, and of course she was a much better player than I. These games are fun and attention getting. Most importantly, they teach our children the importance of recycling, conservation and saving resources.

Here are a few of the websites that provide “recycling” games:

Recycle Guy Games (from the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance)

Michael, Michael Recycle from Kaboose

ScienceKids Recycling for Kids

National Geographic Recycling Action Games

EPA’s Recycle City

Many of these games you can play with your child. Learn together and help save the environment.

Image Credit: Nychytalyuk / Shutterstock

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