The Green Minute: Paperless Bill Paying
May 25, 2013

The Green Minute: Paperless Bill Paying

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

Call me old school, but up until last month my family has always paid our bills the old fashioned way. Envelopes… stamps… checks.

Today’s Green Minute focuses on paperless bill paying.

Sitting down with a big fat handful of bills has been a ritual in my household since my wife and I were newlyweds more than 20 years ago. Just this past month, we went paperless, and it has made a huge difference waste-wise and on our pocketbook.

It wasn’t difficult. Nearly all of our 9-10 monthly bills offer the paperless option. Yes, there is our local home security company that has not gone paperless, but generally, the electric, gas, mortgage, and insurance bills all offer the paperless route.

Since going paperless the first thing I’ve noticed is the disappearance of billing envelopes, the rare need for checks from the bank and the need to purchase those postage stamps. Less and less clutter – waste reduction – is the most immediate result.

But, along with my family’s “household paper reduction act of 2013″ I find myself driving less to the post office or drug store to buy stamps. At 44 cents a stamp, our family is saving a little less than $5 a month or just under $60 a year. Now that the postal service encourages us to purchase stamps at the local Walgreens, I’m less tempted to buy more “stuff” which also saves me money.

So, it has been a nice revelation. Paperless bill paying reduces waste, and paper usage, and saves money. For old time’s sake, I still have one or two paper bills, but the new paperless way is the most eco-friendly and puts a little change in your pocket.

Image Credit: Lisa S. / Shutterstock

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