February 10, 2013

The Green Minute: RATS! Eco-Friendly Tips To Get Rid Of Them

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

Over the last few years, the EPA has moved to ban several of the most toxic mouse poisons on the market because they pose a risk to children (poison control centers receive up to 12,000 calls a year), pets and wildlife.

For today’s Green Minute here are some easy eco-friendly tips to help combat mice invading your home.

* Seal holes and cracks in the house that can allow mice to enter.

* Housecats are nature’s mouse traps.

* Remove food sources that may attract mice, such as pet food or fruit. Store your food properly.

* Capture mice with live traps and release them far from the home.

* Use snap traps with sensitive triggers. Use as many as 10 traps near any known mouse hole.

* Use glue traps.

* Use repellent sound devices.

For more detailed information about how to avoid mouse poisons, check out the Beyond Pesticides factsheets:

Least Toxic Control of Mice

Minimizing Mouse Madness

Image Credit: Maslov Dmitry / Shutterstock

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