October 30, 2012

The Green Minute: Why Trees?

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service has released an informative video about trees and why we need them. Titled Why Trees?, the 11-minute film examines many of the benefits associated with trees, especially in a community.

For example:

– In the South, the shade from trees helps to combat the urban heat island effect.

– Shade from trees can save up to 58% in air conditioning costs.

– Trees perform many local eco-system services, like reducing runoff from rainstorms by up to 30%, resulting in less erosion.

– Trees save money. An interesting fact: Shade from trees can lengthen the life of sidewalks and roads by 10 years.

– Trees increase property values (ask a realtor), and increase shopping for local businesses.

– Trees are natural air filters. Trees “strain” the air, making our communities more breathable.

Why Trees?

So, for today’s Green Minute, look around your community. Plant trees. Take care of trees. Advocate for trees. They do make a big difference in the life of your community and environment.

Image Credit: WDG Photo / Shutterstock

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