The Healing Revolution – A Book Review
June 26, 2014

The Healing Revolution – A Book Review

The Healing Revolution: Eight ESSENTIALS to Awaken Life NATURALLY!: Healing Revolution Press, 2013. 240 pp. $19.95.    ISBN:978-9894369-0-8.

Dr. Frank King is a chiropractor, a naturopath, the founder of King Bio and a fourth generation American farmer in Asheville, North Carolina. He is also the author of The Healing Revolution: Eight ESSENTIALS to Awaken Life NATURALLY! The book was released in March of this year.

Let me give you the official blurb from the book: “The Healing Revolution is a multi-dimensional lifestyle approach, bringing new joy and hope by empowering you to make natural, healing choices in the eight essential areas of everyday life. These areas include the creative power of the human spirit, food, water, fitness, sleep, nature relationships and Hands On Techniques.”

To be fair, the advice Dr. King gives is good. Drink more water, eat better foods, mindful fitness such as yoga, get enough sleep, get in touch with nature and let yourself have some time to be creative. These are all incredibly good ideas for us all, and Dr. King explains why he suggests them all.

“The creative power of the human spirit” is not quite what it sounds like. Instead of giving advice to take up painting, or sculpture, Dr. King gives us the advice to take up joy. Listen to your inner voice, do kind things and keep a journal of who you want to be in the future. My therapist would agree with him. Now, Dr. King does include creating something beautiful in this first essential element, but that isn’t the whole message. It is more about creating a better you through positivity.

Food and drink are what you would expect. You are advised to “take back your taste buds!” by eating more natural food and less processed, over-sugared foods. That is advice seconded by nearly every nutritionist on the planet. He gives you tools like the “muscle response test” and the “tap into potential” tool to help you change your way of thinking about food, with lots of conscious positive reinforcement. The drink chapter describes the signs of dehydration, how to combat dehydration, and how water is the best thing we can do for our bodies.

The fitness chapter discusses correct posture, whole body (yoga) breathing, mind/body coordination and something he calls the Energizing Techniques. “ETs combine the best elements of applied kinesiology, naturopath, chiropractic, yoga, tai chi, quigong, shibashi, physical therapy, isometrics, primal postures and a few other tricks.” Well then. The book includes pictures and step-by-step instructions for the Energizing Techniques.

I’m going to skip over the next three chapters (Sleep, Nature, and Relationships) to bring you to the Hands on Techniques, or HOTs. There are 12 HOTs ranging from the Muscle Response Test to the Sphincter of Oddi Massage Technique to Raglan’s Test for Adrenal Fatigue. They are self-diagnosing tools for listening to your body and helping to create a healthier you. These are perhaps the only “new” information in this book, as most everyday people won’t have heard of them.

So far, I’ve given you a tour of the book, but I haven’t given you my thoughts on it. Honestly, I was unable to finish the book. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. King gives some really good, common sense advice in this book that we should all be paying attention to. But the packaging of the information made it impossible for me to dig into it.

You might have noticed the overabundance of CAPITAL letters so far in this review. That’s because that’s how it’s written. The whole book reads like a two a.m. informercial, complete with testimonials from satisfied customers and anecdotes from Dr. King’s life. Anything he really wants you to notice is capitalized like Billy Mays might be reading it aloud. And the font the book is written in — oh my goodness. Any first year advertizing or copywriting student would be proud of that font; it has all the grace and readability of one of those flyers you find stuck on your windshield.

If you can make yourself read past all of the poor editing (missing words, etc) and the annoying font, and the informercial-like styling…the book does have some very good information and suggestions to impart. Good luck, reader.

Image Credit: King Bio

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