The Houston Zombie Walk: Booze, Brains, And Charity
April 15, 2013

The Houston Zombie Walk: Booze, Brains, And Charity

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and yes, this grown-ass man wears a costume each year. So I’m very excited for the Houston Zombie Walk event, the 3rd Annual Halfway to Halloween Pub Crawl. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks Halloween, liquor, and charity goes together. The pub crawl takes place April 27, 2013, in beautiful downtown Houston and 100 percent of the ticket sales go to charity.

Houston Zombie Walk, founded in 2010 by Darren Tompkins, hosts walks year round with four major events and a concert at each one, unlike most walks who host one annual event. Their number one goal is to support abused children and animal organizations, so this year’s charities that will benefit from these events are; Houston Children’s Charity, Houston Humane Society, and Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Being a child sex abuse survivor and spokesman, and an animal lover, these charities are very near and dear to my heart.

One out of four females are sexually abused by the age of 18, one out of six boys are sexually molested, and 300,000 animals die every year because of abuse. Dogs are most subjected to cruelty followed by cats, and pit bulls are the most victimized among dogs.

Angel Rivera, Carter’s Bombshells, and myself (all from Vera Wear), already support similar causes, including partying it up at pubs; so it was a natural fit to team up with Darren and Houston Zombie Walk for this pub crawl. We are discussing some exciting possibilities and more details will be announced in the near future, but one thing is for sure; you can expect to see the Bombshells there. And it’s a Halloween theme, and as we all know sexy women mixed with Halloween are always a good time.

The Houston Zombie Walk: Booze, Brains, And Charity

Image Credit: Carter Lee / Alana Settles

Personally, I think more benefit walks should be like Houston Zombie Walk. Yes, I think it’s great that the typical charity walk have many people meet at five in the morning to run or walk a bunch of miles in the name of charity. But I think meeting at five in the evening to drink, partake in raffles, and listen to live music is not just great, it’s awesome. Plus, many people hit the bar after a charity event anyways, so why not start there?

I encourage everyone to get involved in charity events, not only for the obvious reason of the cause(s), but because it gives us a chance to meet new like-minded people. We have an opportunity to connect with our fellow humans, and in this case monsters and zombies, on a positive level for a great purpose.

All of our hearts go out to abused children and animals, but we need to do more than just care within ourselves for these causes. If we want to make a difference then we have to get involved. No matter what charity you support, get involved. If you can’t send money then volunteer, it makes a difference, not only with proceeds going to these charities, but it helps in raising awareness.

Being a spokesman, I put as much emphasis on raising awareness as I do in raising money for organizations. If we want to change the statistics of the abused, then we have to raise awareness in addition to money in order to do that. People have to learn and understand the severity of these issues, if they are going to care. And in the case of this pub crawl, raising awareness shouldn’t be a problem. Can you imagine a group of people dressed up like Halloween walking bar to bar? People will notice, they will ask, and I’m sure like similar past walks; some will join in along the way.

Image Credit: Jack Moore /

Image Credit: Jack Moore /

So if you’re in the Houston area, or you have the means to come to Houston from wherever you live, join us this Saturday for beer, raffles, music, Bombshells, and brains; all in the name of love and charity.

Featured Image Credit: Jack Moore /

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