The Hundreds: Cut From A Different Cloth
May 6, 2013

The Hundreds: Cut From A Different Cloth

In the ever-changing realm of street-wear, brands come and go. It’s just the nature of the business. You see street-wear brands heavily rely on brand integrity, continuity and uniqueness to survive as both a creative entity and a thriving business.

In this kind of business, a brand can’t just follow the roller-coaster of trends that come and go like the other boroughs of fashion can. A company has to be different, original and unique to have a shot at staying in business, because the younger generation in high school, college and mid to late twenties doesn’t want to resemble that of some other person walking down the street.

It’s a simple fact; everyone wants to express themselves and things like that.

Part of street-wear is speaking for those who don’t have a voice and using just a simple graphic t-shirt to express the feelings of an entire counter culture. For those who may be into certain things, like a political cause or a religion or even something as minute as a band or television show, street-wear has been a way of saying “it” without really having to.

One brand in particular has really proven there merit and has been in business for more than a decade due to good business, staying true and an extremely loyal fan base is none other than The Hundreds.

Inspired by Los Angeles and southern California cultures that encompasses surfing, skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and all with a dash of retro 80’s design, The Hundreds have created a homegrown brand that doesn’t have a fanbase; they have a family.

Co-founded by Bobby and Ben Hundreds in 2003, the company started out making graphic shirts but has grown to become a fully-fledged clothing line that as of 2008 has an annual profit of around four million dollars USD.

What really set the company apart was not the fact that their graphic designs were top notch and true to retro design traits, but their blog that let everyone who wanted to know find an insight to the day to day life and inner thoughts of the brand’s co-creator, Bobby Hundreds.

Fans soon found out that it wasn’t just about skateboarding and reckless behavior that other company’s so notoriously profit off of but more about there being more to life than being young and not giving a care in the world about your actions.

The blog was and still is one of the best blogs on the internet no matter what you are into; the key is that it is opened and cultured. From travelling to foreign countries to going to the latest art exhibition of a close friend around the corner, The Hundreds’ blog really set them apart from the elitism that haunts mainly any large company in the world today and let their fans know that the brand is made up of living, breathing human beings and not just some logo on a t-shirt.

Using their talents of digital art and photography, Bobby and Ben Hundreds have not only built a long-standing and profitable brand but they have built a culture that inspires.

For more information on The Hundreds then you can check out their website here.

Image Credit: The Hundreds

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