The Innocence Of North Korea And China
April 10, 2013

The Innocence Of North Korea And China

My last article was about the cyber attacks against South Korean banks and TV broadcasters. Originally it was believed that North Korea was to blame, but the IP address was tracked to China. This strengthened the accusations that North Korea and her ally, China, were hacking and trying to disrupt South Korean businesses and banks.

The truth has come out at this point, and it looks like we were wrong. The IP address has been retraced to an identical address in Korea, at one of the banks that was affected.

This excuses North Korea, and I am surprised that I have to write this update excusing North Korea and China. I am not bothered by having to write it, but surprised nonetheless.

Most everything North Korea has been doing lately has been“saber rattling,” which I think is a greater term than “come at me bro.” They essentially mean the same thing. North Korea is still trying to act tough and act like they are ready for war at any moment.

I love the concern I get from friends and family back home, but enough is enough, North Korea. We know you have enough nuclear power to light up your capital city, Pyongyang, but it doesn’t look like you have reliable enough rockets to get them anywhere special.

I recently went to the movie theater and watched the G.I. Joe sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Overall I would say it was a decent enough flick to go and see on discount Monday night. The one thing that got my friend and my attention was that the movie starts off with the Joes extracting a North Korean defector from North Korea. We found it great when they were speaking Korean, but they didn’t have subtitles for that part since the room was full of Koreans. Without giving away too much of the movie, North Korea launches nuclear missiles. I would like to add in the movie the North Koreans launched the missiles successfully.

It is really the way you want it to happen in the movie. However, in real life we will be glad to see their missiles fall into the ocean every time. This is not a movie, this is not a game. This is real life where people actually die, and fallout is a real problem.

The hope of a fresh start is over, but the ability to control what happens next is very much within the grasp of the different leaders grasp.

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