The iPhone 5S Is Gold So You Know It’s Working
September 21, 2013

The iPhone 5S Is Gold So You Know It’s Working

After Apple announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, loved and loathed Apple pundit John Gruber took to his site to give us a few thoughts about the announcement.

He, of course, had some pretty good things to say about the new direction Apple is heading.

There’s one phrase he used that’s been popping up in my mind in the hours before a proper American iPhone launch that, I imagine, will be quite the ‘fustercluck.’

“What looks new is new.”

I’m sure he didn’t coin this phrase, but damn if it’s not true. Here’s what else he said:

“Yes, it’s plastic, but there’s nothing cheap about it. It has a far better fit and finish, and feels way better in your hand, than Apple’s previous foray into plastic iPhones, the 3G and 3GS. The 5C feels like a premium product. This move is about establishing the iPhone as a two-sibling family, like the MacBooks with both the Airs and the Pros. Think of the 5C as the Air, and the 5S as the Pro. Or iMac and Mac Pro. The iPhone is growing up as a product family.”

Thing is — and so many people have been saying it for years — the iPhone and iOS were beginning to feel old hat in a sense. It was a fine hat, a classic hat, a headpiece that always looked good and never went out of style. And it worked. People bought the hell out of these things with abandon and often felt little remorse about it.

But even the most died-in-the-wool Apple fans couldn’t help but feel a twinge when other companies started releasing truly cool phones with truly cool features.

The one that did it for me? The HTC One.

I said it back in March: Apple needs to do something different. I didn’t want an “S” phone, but the fingerprint scanner, A7 chip, 64-bit architecture and M7 coprocessor seemed to have gotten the attention of some hardcore nerds. Everyone else?

“OOOOO, It’s Gold!”

Allow me to get cynical for a moment.

Thank you.

What was different about this year’s iPhone announcement from the 4S announcement?

The 4S had a breakthrough new feature (Siri) a kickass new chip (A5) and some improved camera functions, yet still 8 megapixels. After the announced the new details of the 4S, Apple announced the blockbuster hit iPhone 4 would be available at $99.

What is the iPhone 5C if not an iPhone 5 in LIVING COLOR?

And what is the iPhone 5S if not a modern day iPhone 4S IN GOLD?

But here’s the kicker.

iOS 7 and all those fun fancy colors make the things look brand spankin’ new.

It’s a clever trick, one I wish I had thought of. Apple largely stayed the course, but did it in a way to make everything they were trying a brand new thing.

What looks new is new.

Now, sure, Gruber and others believe this is a new track for Apple, one where the iPhone becomes a family of products. And I’m sure this will become even more apparent next year.

But for now, Apple didn’t do much more than give their iOS and iPhones a much needed coat of paint.

And it works.

I feel I must say in closing, however, that I am by no means dismissing either announcement. The 5C and 5S work on so many different levels and look to be fantastic devices.

When I say Apple stayed the course, I mean Apple has always been offering great upgrades in their “S” line, it’s just that few people have been fine with buying “last year’s phone but with a better processor.”

Good luck pulling that line with Goldmember’s iPhone.

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