The Kevo Smart-Lock
May 23, 2013

The Kevo Smart-Lock

Unless you live in Canada, you leave your house with a morbid fear of leaving your door unlocked. You most likely lock your door and even give it a little nudge just to make perfectly sure that you can go to your kid’s soccer game, to the mall or go grocery shopping worry free.

This is a simple and obvious reaction to a simple and obvious fact of life; people want to come and steal the possessions that you worked so hard to provide for yourself and your family because they don’t have the means or patience to do it get it themselves or they want to sell it for a quick and easy profit.

There are no shortcuts in life, but if someone does come knocking on your lucky door to make your personal belongings their personal profit, you can now make their job a little harder.

Introducing the Kwikset door smart-lock called the Kevo. Thanks to the adoption of smartphones by the general public, avenues like this and many more are now possible. Thanks to an integrated app for the iPhone 4S and 5, users can now lock and unlock their doors with a simple tap on the screen.

Also, users can make confidential codes to secure the lock as well as give these codes to “trusted” iPhone 4s and 5 users so they can gain access to the lock.

And as you might have guessed, the lock works through Bluetooth technology.

This has all of the makings of a genius invention, but there are certain factors that do concern me; for instance, what if someone hacked it?

Other than having to steal a key from you, what if someone figured how to hack into your phone or hack the lock itself?

It is a grim thought.

What if someone found a way to tap into the system and unlock your and your neighbor’s door at will? On second thought, what if a terrible storm, even a hurricane came through town and knocked out the power and all of your other modern day essentials? I spend most of my time in south Florida and south Texas, so these things tend to happen a lot. So, if my iPhone ran out of batteries, am I screwed?

Sure, that may be my fault for not taking proper storm precautions or not setting a strong enough password, but if I’ve ever learned anything, it’s that life happens.

So far, I haven’t heard of a support system that lets users notify Kwikset of complaints or anything of the like. Maybe I’m just thinking about the little lock a little too hard. Maybe it’s the perfect lock for this day and age of electronics.

There is one thing that does keep me comfortable with it; the lock still does take good old, tried and true keys as well as the whole James Bond smartphone tap, so maybe they have all the bases covered. I’m still a tiny bit skeptical. But hey, if they do end up having a problem then I’m sure the problem will be resolved with updates and whatnot.

For more information on the Kevo and all of its possibilities, you can check the official website.

Image Credit: Kwikset

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