The Next Pixar Short Is In Your Hands
February 20, 2013

The Next Pixar Short Is In Your Hands

Let’s be honest here; you can’t go wrong with a Pixar flick. Your child will love it, your date will dig it and you can’t lie, they’re pretty damn entertaining. Throughout the years, audiences have shelled out tons of dough for a night out at the theatre to enjoy these movies. That much is no secret. It is also no secret that no matter what gender, race, nationality or age a person is, every individual enjoys it each time they take a trip with the legendary animation studio outside of the realm of reality to get lost in tales and fables from the imagination of the studio.

Since we’re not holding any secrets, let’s talk about another Pixar tradition the masses enjoy.

The shorts.

Ah yes, the shorts that play as an appetizer just before you get settled in to watch your regularly scheduled film. Some of them are unforgettable and some are um… not so remarkable in my opinion, but I do love the work that goes into these shorts every year when Pixar decides to roll out a brand new feature film. Remember last year’s short, La Luna? That should’ve won an Academy Award for best animated short, but got beat out by God only knows what.

Whether or not the film should’ve won, the case still remains that with the help of these shorts, Pixar gives the modern mass audience the film festival experience. Everyone one is a film buff when it comes to Pixar, but not everyone visits the international film festivals around the world every year and this is the beauty of it all.

But the magic continues and it is in our hands. (which is the world’s leading animation industry blog, by the way) is reporting that Pixar artists Robert Kondo (who was the set art director for Ratatouille and the art director of Toy Story 3) and Dice Tsutsumi have announced that the two have teamed up to produce a new independent short film. The two did not specify whether the short will be released under the Pixar/Disney name or if the two were planning on creating an entirely new studio from scratch (which would give the industry much needed diversity).

As far as funding goes, the duo says that they will be auctioning off production art on eBay to fund the film. For now at least, they are avoiding a crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter, which would leave them with much more time and money to produce the film. Although this may change sometime in the future, the website goes on to quote Tsutumi from his Facebook page as saying “We may do a kickstarter too, if we get the man power to set it up in the future,”  so keep your eyes peeled people.

As for now, the artwork is available to bargain for and it is quite nice.

The power is in your hands people. You can check out the auction page here.

Image Credit: Robert Kondo / Dice Tsutsumi

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