January 31, 2013

The Perfect Super Bowl From A Football Fan’s P.O.V.

The Super Bowl is the year’s biggest game, so whether you’re a huge fan of football, or you’re just going to have some fun with friends, you’ll probably be somewhere special on February 3, 2013. Here’s how it should look from the perspective of a true NFL fan.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but Super Bowl XLVII is kind of a big deal.

This year it’s being held in New Orleans, Louisiana’s own Mercedes Super Dome, and if you don’t have a couple grand to drop on tickets, airfare and hotels, you’ll probably be enjoying the game with some friends.

If you’re hosting the party, here are some things to keep in mind. If you’re a guest, well then just consider them suggestions for your host in the event you’ve got a hand in planning.

First and foremost, good company is important. If you’re a knowledgeable fan of the NFL, you may enjoy educating your friends and family as the game progresses and calls are made. On the other hand, you may not.

Especially when it’s a real shootout.

If you’re not a real knowledgeable fan, try and keep the questions to a minimum until the commercial break comes along. While some folks would love to teach you about the game while you’re watching, others would really appreciate it if you just shut up and watch the game.

Another thing to consider is keeping it kid friendly. If many of your friends have children, you may want to have something for them to do, or your friends might be staying at home because finding a baby sitter on Super Bowl Sunday won’t be easy.

Sitting high on the list of important Super Bowl party essentials is good food.

I’m personally a huge fan of hot wings, so that’s a must. (If you plan on making your own homemade wings, or even plan on cooking up the prefab ones from the freezer aisle, get them now. Chicken wings are experiencing a slight shortage.)

From the perspective of keeping your house clean and your guests happy, finger foods are probably the best choice. Something that won’t make too much of a mess would be best. Ribs, chips and dips, snack trays (see below), stuffed jalapenos, quesadillas, grilled chicken legs; these are all great choices. You may be saying those foods sound messy, but I’m speaking more to not making a mess of your home; your guests can be messy and still happy. A little sauce on your face and fingers never hurt anybody.

Digressing slightly, when I write a blog, I do research, of course. Since this is not really based on any facts, I can’t exactly research people’s opinions online. Who’s to say the people have any credibility? To this end, I called up a few of my buddies who are true football fans and asked their opinions. One of my friends mentioned the “KFC Couchgating commercial” as being absolutely ridiculous. He said something to the effect of, “None of those people have plates! There’s no way I’d have my guests eating fried chicken while they’re hanging over the end of my couch. Can you imagine all the little crispy crumbs everywhere? I’m boycotting that commercial.” That is why I suggested the foods above. They’re good, easy and won’t make a mess of your living room.

Another essential thing I feel like I’ve got to explore further is a snack tray. Yeah, you can get that prepackaged one from the grocery store, and sure, it’ll do the trick, but if you’ve got the time and the money, you should definitely build a full stadium out of cheese, meat, chips, and various other snacks you can think of. There are a few image galleries online, here’s some awesome inspiration I found for you.

An essential pairing with the foods is drinks, of course. Be it beers and booze for grown folks, or juices and sodas for the kids, just as with the food, selection is key. Have something on hand that’ll please everyone.

Moving from comfort foods to actual comfort, you’ve got to have enough seats, and they should be comfortable ones! There’s nothing worse than having to stand up and mill around in between the guests as they grab their snacks. Plastic lawn chairs aren’t going to cut it either. Have comfy seating for your guests.

Another thing topping my list is electronics. You’ve got to have a decent size TV, and it better be HD! Any 1080p 120hz flat screen TV will do, just make sure it’s not tiny. I’d say if you don’t have a screen bigger than 52”, you should go buy a new one. Also, surround sound would be nice. If you can hear the bone crushing crunch of Ed Reed burying someone on the field or the guttural grunts of Frank Gore moving the pile, great. If you can feel it, that’s even better.

To recap, good friends, good food, good seats, and a decent TV should yield a great Super Bowl party. The key is selection. The more choices, the better. If this is all too much for you, go somewhere with some friends.

Either way, enjoy your Sup-Har-Bowl, and go Ravens!

Image Credit: Lisa F. Young / Shutterstock

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